About The President

This is the story about the President of CTD Development Services Inc. His name is Carlos Lemus.

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Watch Carlos Lemus deconstruct college graduation and education attainment demographic data to explain the diversity gap as described in the 2019 Google Diversity Report.

About The President’s Early Years

Educational Background and Early Career

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, in 1972, Carlos moved to Berkeley, CA in 1989. He obtained a BA in Math from UC Berkeley in 1995. During his last two years as a student he worked at NASA’s Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics (CEA). This where he first became oriented to the methods of Total Quality Management (TQM).

Post-secondary Experience

Carlos pursued a doctoral degree from UCLA for four years. His original intent was to infuse the TQM philosophy into the management of public schools. Eventually he realized he could not meet this objective without working in the schools. So he began teaching in Inglewood, CA.

About The President’s Early Career

From Teaching Youth to Coaching Educators

After four years teaching, he became a consultant for The Achievement Council(TAC). TAC was a non-profit organization that trained clients to challenge the biases that informed their attitude towards the different groups of students they served.

After four years with TAC, he started his first non-profit organization – the Coalition for Educational Partnerships(CEP). There he worked as a coach for school-based leadership teams working on school improvement initiatives.

After twelve years of advocating for college access Carlos went into the private sector.

Learn what compelled Carlos to join the private sector

About The President’s Corporate Years

The Corporate Years – Lessons Learned

Carlos spent ten years as HR Director for a successful mid-sized company with 1,600+ employees, CR Laurence Co., Inc. The last year he worked as Director of Operational Excellence. There he lead numerous projects normally assigned to executives. There he learned what made businesses, and the people that work for them, truly successful.

 Responsible for the development of all non-executive staff, Carlos learned what made employees successful, regardless of title. He learned that hiring individuals with practical business skills and good character provided better outcomes than hiring a person based on pedigree.

What They Didn’t Teach Us In School

From interviewing hundreds of candidates Carlos realized that students develop few practical business skills in school.

New Chapter – The Birth of CTDDS

If you prefer to watch and listen to Carlos explain the origins of CTDDS Inc while he casually drives home, watch the playlist “Orientation to CTD Development Services” on his YouTube channel.

In March of 2019, Carlos founded CTD Development Services Inc, a non-profit organization. CTDDS provides working class families with professional services and advanced learning opportunities. These are usually reserved for high ranking officers in medium to large corporations. Carlos wants to provide these services to families who need them, but for a fair price.

About The President’s Philosophy of Change

A Wiser Process of Empowerment

Carlos created CTDDS to teach working-class families to participate in today’s economic playing field and earn a decent living. He intends to do this by orienting them to mobile technology and how it is changing the workplace.

He intends to orient them to apps for earning additional income, find employment, run a business, and become more productive. Through it all he intends to show them how easy it is to use these apps.

A New Perspective on College Access

Carlos believes that all people can develop the capacity to grow their income without becoming heavily indebted.

With college tuition becoming less affordable, the appeal of pursuing a college-degree continues to drop amongst high school graduates. Carlos wants to join the body of individuals offering education that shortens the pathway towards gainful employment, and costs much less.

A New Perspective on Job Loss

Carlos is a firm believer that today’s rapid evolution of mobile technology creates opportunity as quickly as it eliminates jobs. More importantly, he is convinced that because of technology’s rapid evolution, the playing field is constantly leveled.

That reopens the window of opportunity for those who want to jump back in. Carlos wants CTDDS to be there when that window opens, and help whomever needs it.

Summary About The President’s Plan

A Call to Educators to Teach Mobile

Carlos wants educators to rethink the practicality of traditional educational priorities. We live in a world where careers are disappearing to automation and artificial intelligence.

He wants educators to open up their students’ eyes to the fact that the the ability to compete in such a world demands that they use mobile technology for more than just gaming and socializing. The sooner this awakening happens the better.

All educators need to do is remind students that the door to a prosperous future is already in their hands. It is in their smartphones.

CTDDS Created the Zoom Videoconferencing App Playlist of Videos to Teach Clients the Simplicity and Benefits of Videoconferencing From Their Phones. This is just one of seven playlists we have to train our clients. To view the entire collection visit the CTDDS Mobile App Syllabus.

Changing Society

Carlos created CTDDS to start a movement of awakening, self-awareness, and liberation. He wants working families to learn to help themselves, and help others learn to help themselves. He intends to train them to network, pool resources, and preserve their security by assisting one another.

His dream is for CTDDS to lead neighborhood transformation projects in working class neighborhoods without gentrification. In other words, he wishes to help people living in neighborhoods with high poverty rates and high crime rates make their neighborhoods better.

To learn more about Carlos’ long-term plan visit The Plan.