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Should You Be Qualified For A Tech Job?

So what do you think? Should you be qualified for a tech job at a place like Google? The truth is that it no longer matters what you think or what excuse you make. If you want to keep earning in today’s economy, you better catapult your skills into the 21st century real fast.

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Before you conclude your skills are in tune with the technical demands of 21st century jobs, do a little research. I thought I was current. I did the research, and I have been going back to school since the moment I left my old job in February.

Let’s Hear From Someone That’s Actually In Da Game

A Trip Down Memory Lane

When I was in my 20s, 30s, and even early 40s, I remember watching people my age struggle with some real basics of personal computing. I’m talking about things like password reset or connecting to a network printer. The usual excuse was, “I’m not very good with computers.”

Who said anything about being good at computers??? At my last job I would hear coworkers call IT because they couldn’t remember their password. They couldn’t map their terminal to the local network printer, when the printer’s IP address was labeled right on the side of it. I guess they didn’t think they needed to be qualified for a tech job, and I haven’t talked about anything technical yet.

If You Can’t Troubleshoot Your Printer At Work on Your Own You’re In Trouble

All I could think was, “Get ready for early obsolescence.”

As HR Director for a company that was considered the industry standard for innovation, it concerned me that much of our company management team was close to being replaced by our online software. By the time I left, I could see how our online software had finally accumulated the same technical wisdom it had taken some of these managers a lifetime to accumulate.

I wasn’t concerned for them. I was concerned for the young men and women working under their leadership. We’d hire entry level staff straight out of high school, as unskilled as possible, that could answer the phone, navigate various screens, write down an order, finish writing it as soon as the call was done, and be ready for the next call. How would they climb the ladder now, if there was nothing new to learn – no value to add? The software did all the heavy lifting, AND it never called in sick.

Online Software: Opportunity Killer Or Creator

The online software eliminated the need to 1) know complex mathematical operations, 2) know what system components were compatible or incompatible, or 3) know technical aspects about the products selected for the solution requested. Once the customer learned to use the software, the software eliminated the need to have as many estimators other than those with power user knowledge. In that regard the software was an opportunity killer.

However, as the old proverb says, where one door closes another opens. The example of my old job is the narrative of a company doing what it had to to stay ahead. It is the individual’s burden to remain aware of risks and opportunities, to react productively when they present themselves, and to reinvent him or herself when the harsh reality finally sets in that there is no staying still. There is only move forward. The only constant in life is change.

For The Unprepared: An Encounter With A Harsh Reality Awaits

This is what will happen to you if you don’t get your skills 21st centuried-up! Have you ever had to do the walk of shame, just because you chose not to retool?

The day of career reckoning is coming for those who won’t get their skills 21st centuried-up. Unfortunately, many of the managers at my old job used their age to define them. All they did was say they were too old to go back to school. They got offended, retired, or looked for work at another place. The fact that they’d seen the train coming and didn’t do anything to stay in the game was a hard pill to swallow for many of them.

Is The Self-Deception More Prevalent Than Just At My Last Place of Employment?

If you’ve read our mission statement it says that our mission is to prepare the youth from working class families to become undeniably qualified for a tech position at a Silicon Beach/Valley company, like Google. I’ve now shared that mission statement with people hundreds of times, and they look at me like I’m a fool, or there’s no reaction at all – just a glum facial expression. It feels like I’m the crazy one.

Once all the technical product wisdom was captured in the software the technical support department on the left was no longer needed. Customers could do a better job on their own using the online software shown on the right.

It’s been almost as if the fate I’ve drawn for those I’ve spoken to didn’t think that it applied to them and their kids. The concept of becoming obsolete overnight was just too hard to grasp. They continue believing that somehow we are going to figure it out for those who fall behind.


Let’s Face It. Ignorance Is Bliss. Delusion Is Even Better.

Seriously. Who wants to wake up to the question, “Should You Be Qualified For A Tech Job?”. I do, and every day I talk myself out of answering Yes. But the delusions must stop. You must stop running away. If not, you run the risk of believing your own bull—t. I did.

Homeless Picture

For a moment I had started second guessing myself. I had fallen for the lure of self-deception. Heck, I even played along.

The mission wasn’t gaining traction. So I threw a picture of a homeless encampment on my YouTube channel’s page, and all of a sudden people started paying attention. I had changed nothing else. I just added the picture. Self-deception rewarded.

Lie To Yourself Once & You’ll Lie To Yourself Again


The positive feedback felt so good, I had to keep playing along. I added a few stories about families I knew who had fallen victim to displacement, and people started telling me they liked what I was doing. Can you say, “WHAT”?

Once again, I had changed nothing else. Just added a few pictures and talked about displacement.

Sure, there’s a connection between these different topics, and they are all worthwhile fighting for. The problem is people are seeing their fate come at them like a speeding bullet, but they can’t find it in them to move out of the way. So no more distractions and trying to find the long way to speaking the truth. Let’s just talk straight truth. We can’t help others if we can’t help ourselves first.

This Problem Is More Ours Than Anybody Else’s

It would appear there’s a few people out there paying attention to the complex truth, and talking about it. The rest of us are resting on outdated trends in income-education correlations. But education is where the urgent change needs to happen first.

The educational attainment indicator can no longer just be looked at as degree-not degree. It has to ask, what kind of degree did you obtain? The college enrollment indicator can no longer be looked at as college-no college. There has to be a measure of, “How good is your school?”

I’ll tell you right now, if the best my kid can do is a JC or a Cal State, it may not be worth the hefty investment. The school better have a value return that’s worth the cost.

But the problem isn’t our kid’s problem. It is ours!! Our education needs a boost. If you are in your 20s through 60s, and you are not beefing up your computer skills, you may not get to make that final house note, because you’re not going to have work, and you’ll run out of money.

An Intermission For Some Inspiration

So Let Me Ask Again. Should You Be Qualified For A Tech Job?


To think you will be employable without at least some level of technical computer knowledge that goes beyond knowing how to use MS Office or Google Apps is like this pawn pretending to be a king. It is delusional.

So What’s The Takeaway?

If your past education did not involve learning how computer hardware and software work, you need to go back to school. I mean, that’s if you’re interested in working for pay.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt from an article I just read in the Wall Street Journal.


If these are the expectations for blue collar jobs. What will they be for white collar jobs? So should you be qualified for a tech job?

Career Planning Science and Technology

Demystify to Diversify

With this article I begin to share the collection of multimedia resources I’ve collected in my research. I plan to use this collection during the Career Planning Phase of the Nine Step Personal Development Program. It will be shared in a course I call Demystify to Diversify. Below I showcase some of the content of this collection. Enjoy.

Videos to Demystify What You Need To Know and Be Able To Do

A key element of the Demystify to Diversify course is demystifying the learning our clients must attain to optimize their chances of getting a job in the tech industry. It starts with knowing what those jobs are.

Readings To Demystify The Physical Work Environment in the Tech Industry

The Demystify to Diversify course teaches our clients about what life is like at tech companies, including the types of physical structures that usually house them.

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Demystify to Diversify

Career Planning Mobile Web

Get Jobs With Good Pay Without a Bachelor’s

I was on LinkedIn last night and found this great post about an article published by Olivia Raimonde, Editorial Intern at Money Magazine. It provides an overview of the cost, time, and credit requirements to get jobs with good pay without a Bachelor’s degree. Let me tell you what was good about the article.

What Was Good About the Article

7 High Pay Jobs With Associates
Click here to view the post on LinkedIn.

First of all, I always appreciate the sharing of information that reminds us that all is not lost if a young person doesn’t have a Bachelor’s Degree by the age of 29. It’s reassuring to know jobs with good pay that don’t require a Bachelor’s Degree exist.

I also liked the article, because it references high paying jobs for individuals with only a high school diploma, and provides a link to an article by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) entitled, High-wage occupations by typical entry-level education, 2017. It breaks down median income for careers requiring every type of educational attainment level.

If you’re a teenager thinking about career path, and weighing your options, and weekly income is a factor, the BLS site is one to look at. If you’re currently employed wondering what else is out there and how much it pays, save the Bureau of Labor Statistics page in your favorites. If you live out of your phone, no problem. BLS has an app for IOS and Android. I’ve provided some screenshots below to entice you to download the app.

  • Avg Wk Wages Software Publishers
  • BLS App Menu Page
  • Avg Weekly Wages Computer and Mgmt Training
  • Avg Weekly Wages for Ed Svcs in LACo

Parents – Help Your Kids Get Jobs With Good Pay

If you’re the parent of a teenager, or you have a young adult sleeping on your couch, and you’re wondering what you can do to facilitate his or her exodus into adulthood, sit down with him/her/them. Pull up the BLS page or app and explore together.

Spend some time together getting familiar with the data and the navigation, and search around until you find some careers that pay well and you agree are worth researching further. After all, you won’t know what kind of education your child will need to pursue until you first have a career target.

I’d Be Figuring Out How to Get Into the Mobile Tech Industry If I Were You

There’s a lot of opportunity for all hidden inside that $1,000 device in your pocket. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

If after you put some time into studying the data on the BLS app you still feel lost, read my LinkedIn post on Quality Apps for Making Extra Cash. Learn about the opportunities that no one is talking about, and then learn how to use them. You may find you can get jobs with good pay without and bachelor’s degree that you had never even thought about.

If you like that article, go to the Blog page and read about’s mobile app recommendations for people running their businesses from their mobile devices.

Career Planning The Diversity Gap

Time to Take a Hard Look in the Mirror

This article asks Latinx Generations Xers and the Boomers to make the time to take a hard look in the mirror. Like myself, I know that many of you are part of the first generation in your family to go to college. And, because of our experiences and observations, many of us went into education. We became teachers, principals, counselors, and school district administrators. And so what???

The Current State of Latinx Educational Attainment

Latinxers now make up 18.9% of all students enrolled on college campuses at around 3.2 million out of 16.9 million as of 2016. That’s nice. Latinxers make up 18% of total population in the US as of 2016. So as far as equal representation on college campuses is concerned – mission accomplished. If that’s what you went into education for, thank you, but now what?

What did we expect to happen once they got in, took on some debt, and got hit with overwhelming culture shock, homesickness, rigor at a level never seen before, and the inability to manage a personal budget? The Google Diversity Report forces us to take a hard look in the mirror, and ask ourselves,”Was that it? All that trouble preaching college and the rewards of acquiring a 4-year post-secondary education, and for what? Is the struggle to close the achievement gap over?

Get the Whole Story

Want to see the data that explains why we have a Latinx diversity gap at Google and other tech companies? Watch the A Comprehensive Overview of CTD Development Services Inc playlist on our YouTube Channel.

Are Latinxer College Grads Getting The Jobs?

Although Latinx representation on college campuses exceeds the rate of Latinx representation in the overall US population, Latinx representation in tech positions at places like Google are very low. Why? Watch the video below to see what the extent of the diversity gap is at Google. I don’t think you’ll be surprised. The question is, do you want to do something about it. I guess it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror.

What does the data say about the state of diversity at Google versus the overall US Population?

Planning for Action To Help Tech Companies Diversify the Tech Division of Their Workforce

CTD Development Services Inc was created to help tech companies diversify the tech divisions of their workforce, and then some. See our Plan for meeting this objective. Meet the Team that is working at the grass roots level to implement the plan. Right now, we’re engaging the community. We’re seeking the support of those who have been there from the beginning, and those who have benefited from the risks and sacrifices taken by those who came before us so that Latinx high school graduates had a chance to attend a university.

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