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Get Jobs With Good Pay Without a Bachelor’s

I was on LinkedIn last night and found this great post about an article published by Olivia Raimonde, Editorial Intern at Money Magazine. It provides an overview of the cost, time, and credit requirements to get jobs with good pay without a Bachelor’s degree. Let me tell you what was good about the article.

What Was Good About the Article

7 High Pay Jobs With Associates
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First of all, I always appreciate the sharing of information that reminds us that all is not lost if a young person doesn’t have a Bachelor’s Degree by the age of 29. It’s reassuring to know jobs with good pay that don’t require a Bachelor’s Degree exist.

I also liked the article, because it references high paying jobs for individuals with only a high school diploma, and provides a link to an article by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) entitled, High-wage occupations by typical entry-level education, 2017. It breaks down median income for careers requiring every type of educational attainment level.

If you’re a teenager thinking about career path, and weighing your options, and weekly income is a factor, the BLS site is one to look at. If you’re currently employed wondering what else is out there and how much it pays, save the Bureau of Labor Statistics page in your favorites. If you live out of your phone, no problem. BLS has an app for IOS and Android. I’ve provided some screenshots below to entice you to download the app.

  • Avg Wk Wages Software Publishers
  • BLS App Menu Page
  • Avg Weekly Wages Computer and Mgmt Training
  • Avg Weekly Wages for Ed Svcs in LACo

Parents – Help Your Kids Get Jobs With Good Pay

If you’re the parent of a teenager, or you have a young adult sleeping on your couch, and you’re wondering what you can do to facilitate his or her exodus into adulthood, sit down with him/her/them. Pull up the BLS page or app and explore together.

Spend some time together getting familiar with the data and the navigation, and search around until you find some careers that pay well and you agree are worth researching further. After all, you won’t know what kind of education your child will need to pursue until you first have a career target.

I’d Be Figuring Out How to Get Into the Mobile Tech Industry If I Were You

There’s a lot of opportunity for all hidden inside that $1,000 device in your pocket. We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface.

If after you put some time into studying the data on the BLS app you still feel lost, read my LinkedIn post on Quality Apps for Making Extra Cash. Learn about the opportunities that no one is talking about, and then learn how to use them. You may find you can get jobs with good pay without and bachelor’s degree that you had never even thought about.

If you like that article, go to the Blog page and read about’s mobile app recommendations for people running their businesses from their mobile devices.

Mobile Web Science and Technology

Mobile App Recommendations

The concept of using mobile apps to run your small business is not a new concept. As mobile data transfer becomes faster and mobile apps get better, more people are using them. Some people are running their businesses exclusively from their smartphones. The article below references mobile app recommendations suggested by’s Recommendations

Link to blog post about Mobile App Recommendations

We Do a Little More Than Make Suggestions

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CTDDS does a little more than make suggestions. We train our clients to use mobile apps to run a business. Along the way, we provide our clients with business skills training to ensure they optimize the benefit they can gain from using these high tech tools.

Best of all, we give our clients the opportunity to put their training to use through real life community service assignments. In doing so, they shoot two birds with one stone. They develop the mobile apps use proficiency, and they build bridges with their neighbors. It’s a win-win for all.

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