Thank you for visiting our Donate page. When you donate to CTD Development Services Inc you’re helping us Educate The Many who are seeing their jobs being displaced by automation and their homes displaced by greed, who lack the resources to retool themselves with the knowledge to which only The Privileged Few have access.

You’d be hard pressed to find this knowledge in a textbook or college course. Our clients can’t enter the places where this knowledge is taught, even those attending elite institutions. It must be brought to them. And those who bring it must know how to speak the language of power and the language of The Many; to make it digestible and understandable by our clients – the children and families from the working class.

At the end of this page you can read more about what makes our programs and art unusually unique.

We Ask Because We Want To Give Gifts That Empower and Liberate

We don’t give away pens, sweaters, toys, used clothes, canned goods, water bottles, coffee mugs, or meals that satiate hunger for just one sitting. We don’t give away material items mass produced in some factory that take seconds to create. Our heart and soul, love, and hours of labor go into our programs, articles, and art. Our gifts aim to give life through the gift of wisdom and the gift of art. We hope that you will help us share these gifts with those who need them the most.

The Choice is Yours

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Where Your Gift Goes


Mobile Apps for Business Screenshot

Project #1: Mobile Apps for Business Training Independent Study Curriculum Fund

When you donate to this fund you’re helping make an expensive and comprehensive technology-based business training program accessible to anyone who wants to take it, for free.

Presently the Mobile Apps for Business Training Program is a hybrid program that combines online training, with a live trainer to conduct demonstrations and answer questions, and independent study assignments.

The purpose of this fund is to complete the transformation of the Mobile Apps for Business Training Curriculum into a self-contained self-service independent study program accessible to any user for free.

Image of Three Phases of Personal Development

Project #2: The Personal Development Training Care Free Scholarship Fund

When you donate to this fund you will be helping talented young people from working class neighborhoods learn the habits and methods taught in expensive professional coaching programs for executives.

The Personal Development Training Program requires frequent consultation with a personal development coach. It also requires conducting lots of research by the coach to assist clients identify careers that match a client’s character profile.

This is a costly professional service typically affordable only to C-Suite executives looking for their next career opportunity. We want to make it accessible to prospective community leaders from working class neighborhoods. We can only do that with your support.

Value Stream Map Sample

Project #3: The Small Business Consulting Tech Overhaul Fund

When you donate to this fund you’re helping a small business owner receive an expensive consulting service usually affordable only to highly profitable small businesses on the cusp of transitioning to mid-sized businesses and up.

We want to bring these services to promising small businesses with the potential of becoming highly profitable, but lacking the funds to afford it. This consulting service requires frequent consultation and analyses of the business’ existing processes and use of technology. It normally concludes with a gradual overhaul of the technology so that it is set for growth from the start. We can only deliver this service with your support.

Project 4: The CTDDS Blog and YouTube Channel Content Management Fund


Our YouTube channel consists of over a 150 videos. Most are CTDDS originals, but it also borrows videos by other YouTubers. All are grouped into one or more of over 30 playlists that focus on a wide-range of topics. Such topics include Math Education, Leadership, Inspirational Topics, Philosophy of Soccer, Mobile Applications, Poverty, Displacement, Entrepreneurship, Tech Education, and Personal Development.

These playlists were created to educate, while entertaining, the broad range of clients CTDDS is targeting to serve. They are organized to support and complement our training and educational programs, and many can be found embedded in our Blog and Program pages.


This list shows the range of topic categories our blog articles touch upon. Like our YouTube channel, the blog is intended to inform our clients with in depth balanced information about issues we believe are relevant to their current journey, project, or struggle.

Christopher Zamora Image

When you donate to this fund you will be helping cover the costs of paying for creation and management of our content, including the hiring of content creators from working class communities such as Christopher Zamora, our 19-year old creative video-editor from Gardena, CA. He is responsible for making all of the Mobile App videos you will find on the CTD Development Services Inc YouTube channel.

Project# 5: The Gift of Arts Education Art Gallery and Art School Fund

If you haven’t visited The Gift of Arts Education page or the Tazz the Artista Art Gallery page yet, I invite you to visit both pages before you decide whether or not to donate to this fund through this page.

On the Tazz the Artista Art Gallery page you get to view the broad range of styles and scenes painted in beautifully vibrant colors and captivating designs. They all emanate from the spirit of an artist who is, literally, fighting to live, and has been kept alive by the very art she is producing.

The Gift of Arts Education page allows you to obtain one of these pieces of art as a thank you gift for your generous donation.

What Makes Our Programs Unique

As I’ve shared with those I’ve worked with in the last ten months, I haven’t even begun to use and expose the knowledge I obtained from working in a world class multi-billion dollar mid-sized corporation. I can’t, because that’s how unfamiliar they are in understanding what it takes to even get there.

I was one of the lucky few who got to see it and learn it over the span of a decade. The programs offered in the website are designed to accelerate that familiarization, their learning curve, and the learning curve of future clients. The projects I describe above are designed to make these programs free and accessible to all who can’t access this knowledge in any other way.