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Mobile Apps For Business Training

The Mobile Apps For Business Training Program is for individuals aware that they need to become more proficient in their use of technology as part of their personal development, or small business owners aware that technology has to play a greater role in their businesses’ growth plan. We place an emphasis on the use of mobile technology.


Program Overview

The purpose of the Mobile Apps for Business Training Program is to show people with little tech or mobile tech experience how to use a variety of apps to manage their personal and business data more effectively. That includes their contact, appointment, task, document, and financial data.

Standard Program Syllabus

Standard Specs for a Client Syllabus

Below is a sample of a one year syllabus for the Mobile Apps for Business Training Program. Its design is based on the premise that a client has many things going on daily. So it is limited to training the basic and advanced features of one application per month.

  • Hours Required to Train an App: 4 to 8
  • Class Meetings Required: 1 to 4
  • Method of instruction
    • Video-based. Videos posted on YouTube.
    • Self-study guide e-mailed to all enrolled participants before Lesson 1.
    • Lesson 1: Face to face
      • Topic: Basic features
      • Training on how to use Zoom to meet for Lessons 2 to 4
      • Review content of the Lesson 1 YouTube video
      • Conduct hands-on demonstrations
      • Assign independent study exercises
    • Meeting Location: TBD
    • Meeting Time: TBD
    • Lesson 2 to 4: Video-conference by Zoom
  • Attendance Policy – Clients who have enrolled and attended Lesson 1 session needs to attend future sessions if help is required. Students who can complete the required exercises independently is free to submit exercises by due dates without attending future lessons.
  • Average cost for training one application: $75.

As you will read below, a client’s syllabus is assembled based on his/her specific business needs or learning interests. And so each one is different. However, this sample offers a good overview of the level of depth we go into for each app.

Mobile App Syllabus
Semester 1 Syllabus
Semester 2 Syllabus
Semester 2 Syllabus

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What Makes Our Mobile Apps Training Different From Others?

  1. Customized Learning Plan: We offer a customized approach that starts with understanding your learning needs or interests. If you are running a business we first learn the functions or tasks you need the technology to fulfill. Then we assemble a syllabus that teaches you just what you desire to learn.
  2. Emphasis on Automation and Customization: Our primary focus is to teach our clients how to use technology to automate. That is, to complete highly redundant or repetitive tasks in less time. However, we understand that our clients may have customers which expect personalized service that says, “I understand what your unique needs are, and I can give you what you want.” We teach our clients to use new technology to give customers that feeling of receiving personalized service while still meeting the goal of automating every task that can be automated.
  3. On-going Support: You don’t have to go at it alone once your training is done, if you don’t want to.
    1. If you’re a business owner who just completed the Mobile Apps for Business training, and you are not ready to start applying your new learning on your own, the Small Business Consulting Service, is the right follow up program.
    2. If you’re an individual who just completed the Mobile Apps for Business training, and you are not ready to start applying your new learning on your own, the Personal Development Training Program is the right follow-up program.

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