CTDDS 5-Year Goals

Our Mission

The mission of CTD Development Services inc(CTDDS) is to find, recruit, develop, and prepare the youth and young adults, from working-class families living in Los Angeles, to become undeniably qualified candidates for tech jobs in Silicon Valley/Beach tech companies. 

We also work with young adults from working class families on the cusp of a career breakthrough or looking to experience one. These individuals must already have something going on. They are ready to take their careers to the next level, but need some support, some encouragement, or some mentoring so that the next move they make is the best one possible.

Why are we doing this?

In the 5 years since Google published its first Annual Diversity Report in 2014, the percent of the workforce represented by Latinx employees has increased by 0.9%. At this rate, it will take an eternity for a truly diverse workforce to come into being.
These differences in income is what the diversity gap underscored by Google's Diversity Report translates to.
This is one reason for the discrepancy gap.
This is the second reason for the diversity gap.

What is our purpose?

Norman Vincent Peale wrote, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss,you‘ll land among the stars.” We say, “If you want to go to the moon, then shoot for the stars. If you plan for a trip to the stars, it’ll make your trip to the moon a cakewalk. Therefore, it is more likely you’ll land on the moon.”

Our mission is our moon. So what are our stars?

Vision of Neighborhood Transformation

The image above signifies our stars. Transforming our working class neighborhoods into communities of hope and opportunity is the greater purpose that will keep us all on a path towards true community, and inspire our clients’ transformation into community servants vested in the success of their neighbors, their neighbors’ families, and their local public schools.

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