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Professional Development

Programs for Organizations

CTD Development Services Inc (CTDDS) offers two types of programs for organizations. They are Leadership Team Development Training and Enhanced Services for Organizations.

Leadership Team Development

Leadership Team Development Program

The Leadership Team Development Program combines elements from the Programs for Individuals with one or more elements from the List of Enhanced Programs for Organizations.

  • These services are for organizations that are creating a new leadership team (e.g., executive committee, board of directors, project task force, etc…), or have an existing leadership team requiring improvement in one or more element(s) from the CTDDS Team Optimization Checklist.
  • CTDDS works with the individual members of the leadership team, guiding them through each step of the Personal Development Training Program, and/or lessons from the Mobile Apps for Business training program.
  • At the appropriate intervals, leadership team members are brought together to assess the state of their organization by reviewing the organization’s KPI reports.
  • Based on the outcomes from the team’s analysis of the KPI reports’ data, we guide the team through the process for effective and inclusive status reporting to the staff and strategic plan update

List of Enhanced Services for Organizations

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Facilitation and Facilitator Training
  • Data Analytics and Analysis Training
  • Strategic Planning
  • Process Change and Process Change Management
CS Value Stream Map for Services for Organizations
We Use Value Stream Mapping to Guide Our Client’s Change Process
  • Audit, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development Training
  • Business Skills and Management Training

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