Personal Development Training

Personal Development Training

Pursuing a career where you like what you do and you do what you are good at is the right way to go about finding a career that will provide you with personal satisfaction and opportunity for growth over time. Our Personal Development Training Program helps our clients find that career, and then follow a plan to transition from their current state to their new career path.

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Our clients follow a nine step Personal Development Training program that is broken up into three phases.

We Get Participants Acquainted With The Best of Themselves

Nine Step Personal Development Program

The nine steps are listed on this table. By the time a client completes step nine, he or she will know and understand much more about him- or herself than ever before. This enhanced self-awareness is critical to defining a more satisfying career path with our clients.

As we get to know our clients better our research team investigates what careers best match our clients’ profiles. We also learn what training and transition plan gets our clients started on their new career path as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Before we release them to test the waters on their own, we assign them a community service project where they put their new self-awareness and retooling to practice. As they begin to test the waters on their own we remain available to coach them through unexpected setbacks. We let go when our clients tell us to let go.

Keep reading below to get more detail about each step.

Steps 1 – 4: Taking Stock of Your Values, Skills and Talents

Personal Development Steps 1 - 4
Personal Development Steps 1 – 4

Steps 5 – 7: Planning, Retooling, and Brand Development

In simplest terms, the Nine-Step Process for Personal Development is designed for clients to achieve breakthroughs. A breakthrough is a collection of meaningful and lasting changes in our clients belief system. Breakthroughs are what our clients need, because in their minds they believe they’ve already exhausted all the options available to them for achieving career satisfaction.

As our clients experience breakthroughs we document them and record them until they begin to draw a new path for them to follow towards a future full of new opportunities. Once our clients experience sufficient breakthroughs they provide the basis for their new plans for personal development. The description of the steps we follow to create these plans is provided below. 

Personal Development Steps 5 - 7
Personal Development Steps 5 – 7

Steps 8 – 9: Praxis and Evaluation

According to praxis means practice, as distinguished from theory. It signifies application or use of knowledge – not just attainment. Praxis is what we require of our clients. Our clients apply what they have learned in a unique manner. It is through community service assignments that require them to use the tools and skills obtained in training. All assignments have an element that require our clients to teach others how to do what they learned in training. 

Personal Development Steps 8 - 9
Personal Development Steps 8 – 9

Does this sound like something you’ve been looking for? Contact us, and let’s work together on finding a career with purpose doing something you like to do and are good at doing.

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Why Is It Hard To Find A Satisfying Career?

The answer is simple. There are two parts to it. The first reason is lack of complete self-awareness. That is to say, as an individual, most of us don’t know everything that we are good at or could be good at. The second is most of us don’t know enough about any career to truly understand if it could be a satisfying lifelong endeavor.

Let’s face it. Most of our lives those that take care of us are too busy telling us what we should be good at. Rarely were we told what we were good at. Even fewer of us were actually asked what we thought we were good at or what we thought we might be good at. And only the lucky few were ever asked what we liked. It turns out all of these are connected.

We train our clients to take stock of their values, skills, and talents.  We teach them to give a name and definition to the personal attributes and character traits that cause them to behave and react to things the way they do. Through this process of self-inquiry, reflection, and sharing they identify their good and bad habits, and the behaviors and beliefs that are helping them to or hindering them from meeting their goals.

In theory finding a job where you do what you are good at and you like what you do is easy. In practice, it is much harder than we think. The proof is in the data. According to a Labor Day 2018 job satisfaction survey published by PR Newswire (PRN), and conducted by the Conference Board, indicates that only 51% of Americans are satisfied with their careers.

We’ll Help You Name, Define, and Explain Those Things About You Which You’ve Never Been Able To Before!

We all have habits, routines, behaviors, and personality traits that we like and don’t like. Some we understand and some we don’t. When we can’t describe them, can’t explain why we are a certain way, or can’t explain why we do what we do sometimes, we usually say, “Well that’s just the way I am.” We help you name and define these things that make you YOU.

We ask our clients the tough questions that need to be answered in order to achieve the breakthrough they seek. We discuss career and personal experiences, routines, recurring behaviors and habits, values, triumphs and failures. This process is crucial and must happen before you start planning for your purposeful and successful future.

After a preliminary coordination meeting participants complete a questionnaire that requires them to name and define their talents, something few of us are ever required to do. The questionnaire also asks them to provide information about their business skills and use of business-related technology.

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