The Birth of CTD Development Services

You’re Going To Like This Story

Several months ago I was driving home from work when my favorite public radio station, 89.3 KPCC, played a story about Google’s Diversity Report for 2018. The story was the same for Blacks and Latinos as it has been since I started paying attention to racial diversity reports for US corporations and universities back in the 80s – always behind Whites and Asians – always far, far behind.

I wasn’t surprised, but I did think, “How could it be that this very powerful and influential company couldn’t do better than our universities or their corporate predecessors? They’re too good to come up short! They probably just hired the wrong person for the job. But if anyone could do the job, it would be Google.” Yes, I’m a fan.

I briefly fantasized about driving to Google HQ in Santa Monica, to drop off my business card, and tell the secretary, “Hey, I just heard you’re having problems meeting your staff diversity goals. Tell your boss that for half a million a year, I’ll get it done. Here’s my card.”

Luckily, I came to my senses, and instead I called an old friend I had worked with 20+ years ago on a program we called the Inglewood Academic Athletic Incentive Program. Back then our goal was to diversify our universities by enabling more Black and Latino students from the City of Inglewood to pursue a college education – the “great equalizer.”

We pushed the kids to hit the books, learn the minimum requirements to qualify for admission into a UC or CSU, and then apply.  For a brief moment, we made the barometer needle shake. Now, with both of us looking to finish what we started, the goal is to diversify all of Silicone Beach. The name of the project is Bring Silicone Beach to the Hood, and Bring the Hood to Silicone Beach.

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