Parent Training

The purpose of this parent training program is to 1) compel more parents to get involved in running their neighborhood schools, 2) develop parent leaders capable of a) training other parents and b) r

Mobile Apps For Business

The Mobile Apps For Business Training Program is for individuals who want to do more with their smartphones than be entertained. In particular, they want to learn how to use the apps accessible thro

Student Services

Our student services program was born from our time spent with parents from the Parent Organization Network (PON). We joined PON seeking opportunities to train parent organizations how to leverage ad

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Introducción a Schoology

Introducción a Schoology

Introducción a Schoology está hecho para padres con niños que asisten a una escuela del LAUSD. Este video le muestra al espectador cómo encontrar Schoology desde su navegador, cómo iniciar una s

Why The Rush Back To School

Why Rush Back To School?

Parents, some of you made such a commotion about sending your kids back to school as quickly as possible. And I am just watching you on TV, asking

Public Education Priorities

Public education priorities are all fouled up these days. The worst part of it all is that, unless your a public school parent, you have no clue abou

Public School Parent Leaders

Our Plan for 2021

Our plan for 2021 has one target and one objective only; to once and for all, fix our public schools. Presently, we are working with a network of 70

Vision For A 21st Century Set of Goals for Public School Districts

How to Fix Our Public Schools

This article is the second of several aimed offer a refreshing look at how to fix our public schools. This article aims to provide a simple, free, an

Help us fix our public schools. Ask us how.

Help us fix our public schools

Our public schools are in crisis, but all is not lost. We can fix our public schools by making our public school leaders focus exclusively on the things that affect the quality of instruction. It's that simple, but we need your help. Contact us and find out how you can help us. You won't be asked to do more than you can, but the effect of your assistance will make you want to help us further.

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