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2019 Outcomes Report

The 2019 Outcomes Report talks about what we set out to do, what we learned, and what we ended up doing. If we could sum it all up in a letter grade, our grade would be a B. Why?

We Chose To Do The Impossible

Grade: B

Before I begin, if you haven’t read About Us or about The Plan, then please read those two pages before reading the rest of this page. The reason? Without that background information the rest of this page might not make sense.

For the past 2 years I’ve tried to talk about the state of the world with my friends, and no one I knew seemed interested in discussing complex topics without getting lost in a rant that brought no solutions. Some of the vitriol spewing has been so rough, that I’m not sure that some of my friends desire a solution. That’s when I decided to become an advocate for excellence, service, and kindness towards others by first serving myself.

So in February 2019 I decided to dedicate my life to earning the right everyday, through service, to demand these things from the people that I serve. The hope is that one day, I would have served enough people in a meaningful way, that they would give my ideas an audience with open hearts and minds.

The Project is a Year Behind A Year

Grade: C+

Below is my 5-phase plan. I expected to be busy and knee deep in Phase 2. Little did I know how much training, research, and experience (in a more forgiving environment) I needed before doing anything with anybody.

Roadmap to Transformation
Roadmap to Transformation

We Started in the Middle

Grade: B-

According to the Small Business Administration’s 10-Step Guide to Launching Your Business, the sequence below is what you’re supposed to follow. I started on Step-5, and have completed all steps through Step-10.

Now I am working on Step-1 through Step-4. It is inevitable. One must follow a straight and narrow path, when using this guide and in life in general. Luckily, it didn’t slow us down.

Our Story Is Easier to Tell Now

Grade: C+

And it is picture perfect. We’re aiming to do is not easy to explain, nor is it easy to absorb in one explanation. I mean how do you get people to take you seriously when you tell them that you want to solve the problems of the world, and want them to come on board or support the cause? To my chagrin, the George Floyd riots of 2020 proved me right. I hope folks will listen more closely now.

Made Something Out Of Nothing

  1. Client needs and priorities in 2019
  2. Needs and priorities of our clients’ clients in 2019
  3. Our capacity in 2019
  4. Goals and objectives for 2019
  5. 2019 Projects
  6. Client, project, and capacity outcomes for 2019
  7. Evaluation of goals and objectives set for 2019
    1. Completion status
    2. Impact status
    3. Sustainability status


The Plan

The greatest accomplishment for CTD Development Services Inc in the 2019 Outcomes Report was the creation of our 5-Year Strategic Plan.

Many projects to revitalize neglected communities have come and gone. Those that have succeeded have done so by displacing the most vulnerable demographic groups and gentrifying the neighborhoods. We wanted to do better than that.

So in our first ten months we focused most of our time on understanding our clients’ needs and their clients’ needs. We did the research and assembled a 5-year plan that aligns our resources and future resources with our direct/indirect clients’ needs and priorities.

Click here to view our plan.

Our Clients

The time spent on research gave us more than insight. It also gave us time to meet and observe many prospective clients, often.

Our clients are the backbone of our strategic plan. Because of their central role in the fulfillment of our mission, we see our clients as partners. We see them as the community leaders that we will empower to continue our mission’s work long after they have authorized us to move onto the next neighborhood that needs our help.

With the stakes being so high, and our intent to beto become fully vested in our clients’ success, they had to be close to a perfect match with us. They had to share our values and share similar ideas for how to inspire families from low-income communities and move them to sustainable constructive action.

The time we spent with prospective clients, prior to negotiating and committing to long-term partnerships, bought us the time to see in each other behaviors, good and bad, that served as windows into the future of our collaborations. Because of that investment of time into relationship-building, we believe we have the strongest team of clients, most capable of carrying the torch of our mission for many years to come.

Click here to view our client portfolio.


In 2019 CTD Development Services Inc was awarded the following grants:

  • Google Ads Grant
  • Power of Us Grant
  • Guidestar Gold Medal of Transparency

Web Presence: Web Site

Building a web presence to share my organization’s mission, vision, plan, and progress report was my number one priority. With the assistance of LA South Bay FC, a client, vendor, and partner of CTDDS, I built a respectable web site, It is home to our extensive 5-year plan. It showcases the projects we have worked on, projects we are working on, and offers in-depth descriptions of our services. Through the blog I share a wealth of information and wisdom about soccer, entrepreneurship, public education, college access, tech careers, business technology, personal development, and the status of the labor market.

Web Presence: YouTube Channel

To complement the web site, I created the CTD Development Services YouTube channel. It’s purpose is to upload video showcasing our team, our projects, and our clients. Understanding that people find viewing videos less time consuming that reading narratives about our people, plans, and projects, the content added to the channel serves as a supplement or an elaboration to the content on the web site, including the blog articles.

Each channel playlist consists of a collection of videos grouped together by their relevance to the categories used to classify our blog articles, or grouped together as instructional videos used in our Mobile Apps for Business Training program.

The channel houses 100+ videos, 25+ playlists, and has received over 23,000 views since its inception in April of 2019.


Appearance on Listings of Charities Approved and Supported By Large Internet Companies

  • Microsoft’s nonprofit partner which sells nonprofit organizations affordable hardware and software donated by Microsoft and other tech companies
  • Amazon donates part of total sales amount to the customer’s charity of choice
  • Giving Fund
  • EBay for Charity


We launched one small fundraiser in 2019. It was a campaign, Alexander Knox Needs Help To Get Going. We asked for $7500. We received $8109 in donations.

With that money Alex, a client and former player on UCLA’s Men’s Soccer Team, was able to train rigorously, three times a day, without worrying about having a job to pay his bills. He was also able to go to Europe where he is presently competing for a spot on one of Italy’s Serie A major league soccer teams. You can find videos about his journey in the CTD Development Services Inc YouTube channel and on


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