About Us

The story about us, is the story about the mission, vision, Board of Directors, and clients of CTD Development Services Inc (CTDDS). It is also a story of the values they share.

Mission and Vision

CTDDS is 501(c)3 charitable non-profit training and mentoring organization. Our organization was founded in March of 2019.

Our target demographic is made up of the families our clients serve. They are best defined as families which are socioeconomically disadvantaged and attending public schools. The neighborhoods we work in are predominantly Black and Hispanic, and their neighborhoods have above average rates of crime per ca pita. The quality of education provided in these neighborhoods is low to poor, and the presence of opportunity is lacking or none.

Our mission is to transform socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods in Los Angeles into communities of hope and opportunity.

Vision of Neighborhood Transformation

In our vision, we see many transformed communities throughout Los Angeles populated by the same people who lived there prior to their transformation. Our motto is “Beautification Without Gentrification.”

Board of Directors

This board was assembled based on its combined ability to help CTD Development Services Inc (CTDDS) and its clients lead the first phase of The Plan, CTDDS’s Strategic Plan for Neighborhood Beautification Without Gentrification. Our combined experiences and expertise working with, within, or in support of these entities, give us the wisdom to seek outcomes that will look and feel distinct from those sought by similar past projects. Our shared values give us the confidence that the outcomes we seek are the right one. Learn more about us below.

The first phase of our plan involves ensuring our clients working with children attending local public schools deliver a level of program and service quality high enough to make them the only choice for the families they serve. Our expectation is that they become valued members of the school community, that they deliver programs that reinforce our mission, and have adequate funding to deliver their programs, regardless of the school districts’ budgetary shortcomings.

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Mario Sanchez, Board Member

Mario Sanchez, Board Member and COO of LA South Bay FC

Earlene Lowery, Treasurer

Earlene Lowery, Board Treasurer and Retired Director of Data Entry at C.R. Laurence Co., Inc

Stephanie Lemus, Board Member

Stephanie Lemus, Board Member and Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Jewish Family Community Services – East Bay

Roger Malina, Board Member

Roger Malina, Board Member and Professor of Arts and Technology and a Professor of Physics at UT Dallas

Adam Gafnim Secretary

Adam Gafni, Board Secretary and Partner at Gafni & Levin, LLP

Our Shared Values

When you look at the composition of the board of directors, by gender, race, socio-economic background, or field of expertise the first obvious shared value we have is diversity. That means that:

  • Each individual on this board has the social competence to comfortably work with a wide range of personalities, backgrounds, and points of view.
  • We all share the common belief that the more diverse our board, the greater our capacity to engage the largest group of interested and supportive individuals possible. The larger this group is the greater the likelihood we will fulfill our mission.

The 2nd value we share is opportunity. We understand that our personal successes were facilitated by a long series of opportunities. These opportunities were deliberately made available to us by people, groups, and institutions who understood the world is a better place when more people are given opportunity.

Recognizing the vital role that creating opportunity plays in fulfilling our mission we include opportunity in our mission statement. The presence of opportunity created by our work is a key performance indicator (KPI) we will follow as we move through the different phases of our plan.

We value entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are visionaries with the courage to create innovations no one can yet see. They have the resilience to pursue innovation despite a long journey ahead. They hunger for the opportunity to share with others the benefits of consuming their innovations. They believe in the depth and value of their innovations. Therefore, they persist despite the expected and unexpected they confront. They listen to feedback and then modify and adjust their message until it resonates with those for whom they have produced a new product or service.

The success of our mission depends, in part, on our ability to awaken, nurture, and maintain the entrepreneurial spirit in those who we have targeted to help, those who volunteer to help, and those who must help. This why our services are entrepreneurial in nature.

We value community service. Without a greater purpose those who benefit from the work we do will be vulnerable to the temptations and distractions that come to all who experience material success. Requiring our clients to give back by doing for their neighbors what we do for them is how we intend to keep our alumni engaged and focused on using their personal gain to support our work and help transform their neighborhood.

We value public schools. The public schools continue to offer the ideal setting for launching the process of neighborhood transformation. They are populated with lots of good people who chose to educate. They are attended by lots of young people hungry for the opportunity to be educated. They are surrounded by neighbors that trust and rely on them to educate the local youth and train their future leaders. What a great combination!

Missing from this recipe is a plan that puts civic engagement, community service, opportunity creation, and the development of the entrepreneurial spirit before any of the objectives public schools are presently tasked with meeting.

Among other descriptors, the education code defines public school facilities as civic centers. Our work is intended, in part, to ensure our public schools begin to fulfill this role effectively and deliberately. That is why our client base includes public schools or small businesses that work with public schools.

About Our Clients

It will take a diverse set of creative strategies to engage and influence the broad range of entities and institutions (e.g., schools, banks, the tech sector, small businesses, community organizations, families) to follow our lead in the transformation we propose. We believe the best way to ensure transformation happens, and endures the test of time, is by developing the community leaders that are or will spearhead the process. These community leaders live in these neighborhoods, or they work in these neighborhoods developing future community leaders. These community leaders make up our client base.

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