About Us

This is the story about us. CTD Development Services Inc (CTDDS) is 501(c)3 charitable non-profit training and mentoring organization. The CTDDS Team does not seek profit or personal gain from the work that we do. We seek to transform lives and neighborhoods.

The CTDDS Team story is a collection of stories about individuals who have overcome the hazards of everyday life through perseverance, continued learning, and the continued pursuit of purpose. We wish to tell our stories to those who may find inspiration in them.

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Introducing the CTD Development Services Inc Team

Why Do We Do This Work?

Our greatest delight comes from teaching those who feel lost, feel stuck, or feel like they don’t have a chance how to find purpose in the worst of moments, breakthrough whatever barrier stands before them, and win.

Read or watch our Team members’ stories to learn more about why we have a passion for rooting for the underdog.

Below are just some of the groups we’ve worked with in the past.