Welcome to the CTD Development Services Inc Calendar appointments page. Appointment slots have been scheduled for you to choose a date and time from those available.

How to Identify an Appointment Slot

To confirm that an event is an appointment block, at the upper left corner of the event, find the Appointment block Appointment.

When you reserve one of the appointment slots, the reserved slot shows up as an event on your calendar.

What You Should Expect

This is an introductory meeting scheduled to last 15 minutes. The purpose of this meeting is for:

  • you to share with us the service you need, share a concern or issue, or to ask a question
  • us to ask clarifying questions to understand your inquiry or service request

If we can offer a satisfactory answer while we’re meeting, then we will ask you to complete a Meeting Evaluation Form.

If we cannot provide you a satisfactory answer during the meeting, but believe we can obtain one, we will ask you to give us a reasonable amount of time to obtain it. While we’re still in the meeting, we will schedule a follow-up date and time in the Calendar when we can share the findings of our research.

How We Will Meet

The meetings in this Calendar have been set up to be conducted by videoconference on Zoom. Once you find a slot that works for you, please click on it.

  • You can edit the subject line to whatever subject is convenient to you.
  • You may also edit the text box with any details you want me to know about.

Please Note

  • In the text box, you have been provided with instructions for how to log into our virtual meeting room. These instructions are for you. Feel free to remove those instructions so that you can write your message.
  • This is a Google Calendar, and will only allow users with a Google account to set up appointments. Click here to set up a Google Account.
  • If you use Gmail or have a Gmail email address that you rarely use, then you already have a Google account, and have no need to set

Alternatives To Scheduling Appointments Online

If you can’t find an available appointment slot that suits you, or if you don’t wish to create a Google account, please complete Contact Us form. Please make sure you:

  • Offer clear and in-depth details
  • Provide two dates and times you’re available to meet. We will update our appointment calendar, and will send you an appointment invitation by email confirming we have scheduled the appointment.