Career Development

Career Development

Our career development service seeks to put our clients on the fastest track possible towards the career of their dreams. At CTD Development Services Inc, a dream career is one where a person gets paid to do what he or she does well, naturally. This requires a talent-based approach over a skills-based approach to job hunting and career training.

Because most of us were instructed to develop our skills instead of our talents, few of us know how to go about finding a job that suits us. Instead, we struggle to find a job where our skills fit some job description, regardless of whether or not we get any personal satisfaction from what we do. What a way to live!

Process Overview

This is how our career development service works. We guide our clients through a series of exercises grouped into a 3-phase process. Phases 1 and 2 consist of exercises involving self-exploration, reflection, analysis, research, planning, documentation, action, and assessment.

Image of Three Phases of Personal Development

The aim of these exercises is to:

  1. Clearly define what natural abilities a client has
  2. Define jobs that are ideal for a person with those abilities
  3. Take measure of the skills and experiences a client will need in order to obtain such jobs
  4. Co-construct the plan our client will follow to meet his/her career goal
  5. Launch our client’s professional development plan

Phase 3: Putting Learning To Practice

Career Development

The table on our left breaks the three phases of our Career Development service into nine individual steps. As you can see from the chart the process culminates with a unique form of on-the-job training. It is through the completion of a community service assignment that requires them to use the tools and skills obtained throughout each phase. All assignments have an element that require our clients to teach others how to do what they learned. 

Why Community Service Assignments?

These are the benefits of requiring community service based on-the-job training. Clients:

  1. Put their learning to practice in a friendly and receptive environment
  2. Get first hand experience enjoying the personal gratification from conducting community service and mentoring someone from a socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhood
  3. Accumulate invaluable experience and build a portfolio of work samples and anecdotes they can use when competing for that dream job
  4. Enjoy the benefit of step 9, the Client Exit Interview, where we train our clients how to write and speak about themselves during a job interview.

Don’t Live With Regret

If you were asked whether or not you regret having pursued a certain career path or field of study, what would you say? If your answer is “regret”, then you should contact us about our Career Development service. If you are just starting to think about your career, and don’t want to end up experiencing regret 10 years from now, then you should contact us about our Career Development service.

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