Chronic Absenteeism

On Education

In this article we discuss the problem of chronic absenteeism in our public schools, and offer parents of public school children the beginnings of a plan to fix this problem. Whether you admit it or not, chronic absenteeism is the problem of every parent who sends their children to a public school. It is as such, because the problems of society are the problems of everyone. Those problems are rooted in the home first, and in the schools next. So let’s not dance around the issues anymore.

Chronic absenteeism is a simple and fixable problem that shouldn’t cost us more than what we already spend on fixing and overcompensating for its devastating outcomes. We’re talking about everything from after-school tutoring programs, to alternative school, all the way to new beds for our prisons. All of those costs are cut when we correct chronic absenteeism. We’d be fools not to accept the costs of corrective action over the costs of setting our society on fire. Please download and enjoy.

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