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Client Testimonials

We feel very good about the work we do and how well we do it, but we know you can not simply take our word for it. With our Client Testimonials page we are able to share with you how past or current clients feel about our work. Please come on in and see what they have to say.

Client Testimonials – Letters of Recommendation

The Client Testimonials – Letters of Recommendation section was born from a recent experience applying for a grant. We recently submitted a proposal for a grant from the McCarthey-Dressman Foundation to fund our PON Family Academic Mentoring Program. The Foundation required 3 to 5 letters of recommendation. I received four. They were so overwhelmingly detailed in describing what we do, how we do what we do, and how well we do it, that I thought, “No testimonials are better than these client testimonials. Enjoy!

Letter 1: Rosaura Ruvalcaba, Senior Engineer, SpaceX

No certificate or degree tops the personal gratification one gets from knowing they made a positive life changing difference in the life of people. Any teacher who goes into the profession for reasons above and beyond teaching kids the content of a grade level subject will tell you that when our students leave us, we feel lots of hope, but we don’t really know if what we did with them will make a difference.

So it is always relieving and tremendously rewarding when you hear back from former students, and they give you back some positive feedback. Of that rare feedback, this is the one our President and Founder, Carlos Lemus, is most proud of.

Letter of Recommendation From Mario Sanchez

Letter 2: Mario Sanchez, CEO, L.A. South Bay F.C.


We have several more items intend to add shortly. If you are a startup in the nonprofit sector, or any sector for that matter, you know that you are either doing the work and not selling it, or vice versa. So small increments is all we can presently provide here. However, we have an extensive list of references (and contact information) we can provide up request.

Give us a little more time and revisit our Client Testimonials page once more. We have a lot to be proud of, at least that’s what our clients think.

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