Nonprofit Scrabble


CTD Development Services Inc is working to find convenient and painless ways for you to donate. Please read below to see what choices you have for helping us out.

Choice 1: Click Here to Donate By Credit/Debit Card Using PayPal


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Choice 2: Donate by Check or Money Order

Please make your checks or money order out to: CTD Development Services Inc. Send your donation to the following address.

  • CTD Development Services Inc
  • 8337 Belford Avenue
  • Los Angeles, CA 90045

Choice 3: Shop From Our Clients Online

We succeed when our clients succeed. To our entrepreneurial clients on the Small Business Consulting Services program success is normally defined by steady and growing profit. It is underscored by a distinct, functional, and efficient web site and mobile app by which they sell their products and communicate with customers.

In most cases CTDDS will cover the start up costs of building an eCommerce site, and is heavily involved in the site’s construction, assisting with everything from navigation set-up and content management to marketing. In exchange for this service our clients agree to donate 50% of the net profits made through their site to us.

In other words, by shopping from our clients online, you are automatically making a donation of up to half of the total sales amount to CTDDS. You get a great product, our clients make a new sale and gain a new customer, and we are given the opportunity to help another entrepreneur or small business get on the road to financial independence. One such customer is Rugzby Pitts, founder of Rose Out of The Mud Clothing, and owner of, where her clothing is sold.

Rose Out The Mud Clothing Web Site

Choice 4: Shop on eCommerce Sites That List Us

You can find CTD Development Services Inc registered and listed on the charity support and fundraising pages of several e-commerce platforms. We did this in hopes of finding that ideal combination of convenience, security, and familiarity to move you past any doubt, and inspire your giving spirit. Each platform offers slightly different benefits to donors and the charities they support. See a summary of each below.


Go to and type in Ctd Development Services Inc from the Supporting: field. When you do, amazon donates a percentage of your total sales amount to us. Enjoy the same pricing and shopping experience as you do on, and continue to enjoy your Prime benefits.

Click on either of the amazon smile images provided to go to right now.

Remember, only purchases at (not support charity.

eBay for Charities


Instructions for Donating at Checkout on eBay

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Instructions for Selling on eBay For Your Charity

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Choice 5: Support Our Fundraising Efforts

We usually run our fundraisers online through GoFundMe. Our latest campaign targets 700 young children from the LA South Bay who missed out on their Spring 2019 soccer season. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Its The Thought That Counts

The size of your donation is not as important as the fact that you donated. The best part of fundraising is the rush you get when you see that someone else has come aboard to support your cause. It’s an even greater rush when you see the support coming from an old friend that weren’t even sure would see the message. Better than that, when the support comes from a complete stranger, which that somehow came across a post or email about the fundraiser and connected with the cause.

Each contribution, small as it may be, gives you hope that it is still possible to build community in this world, and that you have the ability to make that happen. All you need is a good unifying cause. For that reason I’d rather receive 5,000 $1 donations that 1 $5,000 donation.

We chose to do nonprofit work, because it is something other than money that wakes us up eager and enthusiastic to go and make a difference. I’m driven by the knowledge that everyday young minds with tremendous potential remain untapped, due to lack of resources – in the home and in the community. I look forward to discovering opportunities to level the playing field for talented and ambitious youth whose handicaps all stem from poverty. Your support will allow me to continue creating opportunity for those who may never get it otherwise. And for that support I am eternally grateful.


Carlos Lemus, President