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Who Is Coach Beto?

Since starting CTD Development Services Inc, I have come across some very interesting people with very compelling stories. These individuals walk among us living unassuming and ordinary lives. These individuals are heroes to me. Beto is, by far, my number one hero.

Beto is a father, a husband, a friend, a coach, a trainer, and a client. But the attribute that makes Beto a hero is, “Beto is Giving.”

Beto is the most selfless and most giving person I know – almost to a fault.  And for the first few months of getting to know Beto, I didn’t comprehend this man. This is his story.

Don’t have time to read about Coach Beto? Watch him tell his story on The Humberto Villegas Chronicles playlist on the CTD Development Services Inc YouTube channel.

Have some time? Keep reading. Even if you’ve seen his videos you’ll want to read what I and others have to say about Coach Beto.

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The Coach Beto Story

Humberto Villegas (aka “Beto”) is a client of CTDDS. Beto was referred to me by Mario Sanchez, owner of LA South Bay FC, one of the soccer clubs for which Beto coaches. This summer Beto coached the U23 Division Team in the SoCal Premier League. That’s how our journey together began.

The LA South Bay FC U23 Division Team story will be the most compelling story of all. We have just begun to tell it. Watch their story unfold on the LA South Bay FC U23 Team playlist on YouTube. Subscribe to CTDDS YouTube Channel and click on the Notifications icon to get updates about the players’ stories.

Skeptical First Impressions

The moment I met Beto, and started listening to him tell his story, I knew I was speaking to a special and unusual individual. He came to CTDDS for help. Help is what we offer. He was hoping I could help him figure out how to make a living doing what he loves to do, train soccer players. At first I wasn’t sure I could help.

Although by definition Beto met the criteria of Family Provider, one of the groups CTDDS targets, the highly specialized nature of Beto’s dream job presented a steep uphill venture for me to support.

All I had intended to do when I started CTD Development Services Inc was to train business skills using mobile technology to the parents of the students that would participate in the Good Kids Great Communities Project.

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At best I intended to create tangible opportunities, through training and coaching, for hard working people to make more money. My expectation was that we would take advantage of any legal and dignified opportunity that would come our way. I had not planned on helping individuals pursue very specific career dreams.

What Transformed Me From a Skeptic to a Fan

However, once I learned that Beto had trained elite professional soccer players, 1-on-1, during their off-season, I took note. Once I learned that Coach Beto continues to be sought after for his training by Division I collegiate and professional soccer players alike, I realized I was working with one of the best soccer trainers in the country – with a long list of distinguished players ready to bare testimony to Beto’s ability to produce notable improvements in his trainees’ skills or abilities.

The more I’ve gotten to observe Coach Beto, on and off the soccer field, the more I’ve come to see that his training generates the results  it does, because of his indistractable laser-like focus on nothing but one thing – his trainees’ development.

To Beto it is as unacceptable for his trainees to not be notably improved after a set number of days, as it is unacceptable for most of us to go a day without using our smartphones. It is this tireless commitment to help his trainees find a breakthrough into a higher level of performance that makes Beto so good at what he does.

Since making this discovery I have slowly accepted that the Greatness that comes from  Beto’s devotion to his trainees, far outweighs the good that comes from getting him to check off another item from his list of things to do. After all, the proof is in the numbers, as I compare the 55,000+ followers on his Instagram account Pura Tecnica Futbol to my 22 followers. Luckily, all I have to do is be there for my client, to help him continue fulfilling his purpose.

What Transformed Me From a Fan to an Advocate

You may have thought that was the end of the story, but it gets better! Once I learned about the daily sacrifices he and his wife make to take care of his current players, I understood why he was so beloved and respected by elite and amateur players alike. And it is when I had this understanding that I decided I was going to do everything in my power to keep Coach Beto’s flame lit – to empower him to continue touching the many lives he touches every day.

All you need to do is go through Beto’s Soccer Resume to understand he is not a dreamer living in a fantasy world. This gentleman is a certified talent with great skill and capacity, recognized by many as being a world-class soccer trainer.

Injury has prevented him from pursuing a career as a professional soccer player, but he remains in the sport pursuing a career as a trainer and coach for professional soccer players.

You may ask why someone would desire a career where the job keeps you up at night obsessing over how you will get your player or trainee to achieve the breakthrough he or she needs or desires? This is why.

A Coach With a Greater Purpose

Before being a coach or trainer, Beto’s higher purpose is that of a mentor, a big brother, a guide, a maker of good citizens. Soccer is only relevant to the extent that training soccer is the easiest and most effective way for Coach Beto to be the best that he can be for others.

In other words, the reason why Beto needs to train and coach soccer is because that is how he makes the world a better place every day. He couldn’t be more effective at making the world a better place doing anything else. And he knows it. So do his 55,000+ followers, and counting.

His is not a selfish endeavor for glory or profit. This is the story of a guy who knows his purpose in life is to take good kids under his wing and transform them into great citizens through mentoring.

The Reason Why We Must Rally Together in Support of Humberto Villegas

Beto has been working to make a living as a coach/trainer for years now. He’s jumped from gig to gig searching for an organization that would compensate him enough to raise his family of four. He has been unable to find one.

It will be a tragedy, a loss to us all, if we can’t find a way to help him out. It should be an embarassment to us all that someone that gives so much of himself freely, for the benefit of others, can’t afford medical care for his two young daughters. You see Beto is a teacher – a teacher of soccer, a teacher of life. He is a role model of clean living and good values. If he were a school teacher, he would be awarded the Teacher of the Year Award every year.

The Details of Beto’s Sacrifice and Commitment to His Players

Beto coaches young boys and young men that play for a soccer club in Santa Monica, California. Presently, he is working on his Level B coaching license from US Soccer. That means that coach Beto brings a wealth of soccer knowledge and wisdom to everyone he works with. Regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, or socio-economic status, Beto pours this wisdom and knowledge into every player he trains and coaches.

While the club is headquartered in Santa Monica, many of the players he trains are not from there. They come from the South Bay region of Los Angeles – Lawndale, Lennox, Hawthorne, Inglewood, Gardena; neighborhoods like where he grew up.

By whatever means possible, these players’ parents scrounge up the annual fee of $2,599 they must pay to play in such clubs, because they believe their membership and participation in them will provide another channel besides school, by which they can attain a better quality of life.

These parents work blue collar jobs. They make a tremendous sacrifice to make the investment they do into their kids’ development. They work so hard, that most don’t have the time to take their kids to practice, and sometimes can’t go watch their games. The only reason their kids can continue to participate is because of coach Beto.

The Whole Family is Vested in these Young Men

Beto picks them up from home, in the South Bay, drives them to Santa Monica, trains them for hours, and then drops them off at home after practice. They are so many that Beto’s wife, Yenni, and his assistant coach, Chris Sandoval, must help him carry players back and forth, from home to practice, and from practice back home. And when it’s been a while since the kids last ate, they’ll feed them. Of course.

For his efforts, Beto only receives a small fraction of each player’s annual fee, as the club has its own set of fees it has to pay. And the club only pays Beto for the players that actually pay the annual fee. And many of them can’t pay the fee. It’s too much!!

So there is no way Beto can bill the club that employs him or the families he serves for the unpaid training or coaching he gives, or the unpaid travel time consumed by him, his wife, and assistant coach, almost daily. He can’t even bill them for the mileage or wear and tear on their vehicles. Yet, day in and day out, there they go again – taking care of their players with relentless conviction.

Beto and his wife wouldn’t dare let one of their players down. They wouldn’t dare allow any one of them to fall prey to the temptations of the streets or fall victim to feelings of neglect or abandonment, or feelings of opportunity lost, just because of transportation.

A Commitment Born From Personal Adversity

You see, Beto knows how painful those feelings are, due to his own experiences during his adolesence. He would consider it a mortal sin to let his players experience those same feelings – if he could do something to prevent them. And so he does.

This is the story of Humberto Villegas – an every day hero and client of CTDDS.

This Story Has Just Begun

This is chapter 1 of the coach Beto Story. If you’ve read this far, you’ve barely begun to scratch the surface. Become a part of this story and make it a success story. Follow his story by subscribing to the CTD Development Services YouTube Channel. His playlist is entitled The Humberto Villegas Chronicles.

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What’s Next for Coach Beto?

Coach Beto enjoying some quiet reflection and planning time at CTD Development Services Inc headquarters (aka my home office)

Like all of our clients, Coach Beto is going through CTD Development Services Inc’s Eight Step Process of Personal Development. He is presently working on the fifth step – Personal Plan Development and Resume Builder.

Our goal is to set Beto up as a profitable and sustainable business entity that will generate new business and repeat business for continuous growth. The Team will push Beto to develop the discipline and routines every business owner must possess if he or she is to keep the business alive and growing.

We have just turned the corner with Beto, and see a very bright future for him and his family. We hope you come along for the journey, and jumo in to support Beto when he needs it.