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The concept of using mobile apps to run your small business is not a new concept. As mobile data transfer becomes faster and mobile apps get better, more people are using them. Some people are running their businesses exclusively from their smartphones. The article below references mobile app recommendations suggested by’s Recommendations

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We Do a Little More Than Make Suggestions

Check out the Mobile Apps for Business Training Program page on this web site to see what mobile app recommendations CTDDS suggests. We especially recommend you check out our syllabus.

CTDDS does a little more than make suggestions. We train our clients to use mobile apps to run a business. Along the way, we provide our clients with business skills training to ensure they optimize the benefit they can gain from using these high tech tools.

Best of all, we give our clients the opportunity to put their training to use through real life community service assignments. In doing so, they shoot two birds with one stone. They develop the mobile apps use proficiency, and they build bridges with their neighbors. It’s a win-win for all.

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