Parent Training

Our parent training program has become a top priority and exclusive service CTD Development Services Inc will provide for the foreseeable future. The reason for this shift in priorities is the realization that:

  • Our schools’ have continued to fail a greater number of students each year for the last three years
  • The senseless attacks on innocent by-standers and destruction of property at the hands of rioters, were a wake-up call that our young people have lost all respect and all faith in our institutions, including our schools. They demonstrated that our young people are no longer interested in compromise, nor in listening to any opinion that differs with their own. I call this the dummying of America. It is rooted in the gradual decline of our school system which has caused our society’s collective intellect and ability to reason with one another to drop.
  • The adults running this country, politicians and non-politicians, have become so divided that it is not worth trying to create union amongst these divided groups.
  • It is better if we invest all of our energies into ensuring that the generation now attending school transition into adulthood with a greater capacity for listening to others, facilitating and/or diffusing difficult but necessary conversations, tolerance, civility, and thinking and planning for the long-road to self-fulfillment.
  • There is one group of adults that we believe are most vested in sustaining our planet and maintaining a civil society. Those are the parents of school-children. I am certain many parents right are thinking what I am thinking, what kind of crazy world did I bring my kids into. Not only are parents the most likely group to advocate for peace and civility, they are the most predictable and easy to find, because they must drop off and pick up their kids from school everyday. It may be the most captive of audiences a non-celebrity can expect to capture another person’s attention.
  • In light of these factors, we have concluded that the public schools appropriate battleground for our organization to articulate its vision of a world made better by the every day common people in our neighborhoods, who have discovered the power they possess within themselves. It will be in the schools where we will launch our revised plan for fulfilling the same mission – neighborhood beautification without gentrification.

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Accountability for All

If you’ve read my bio on this site (see About the President), then you know that I’ve been reaching out to parents since my teaching days twenty-five years ago. I’m reaching out to You again, parents, because the education system you entrust with your children’s intellectual, technical, career, and personal development is more broken now than it ever has been.

The root causes are the same, but the outcomes have worsened – simply because these root causes have been allowed to persist and proliferate year after year. Consequently, every graduating class from our high schools and universities comes out just a little weaker year after year. And by weak I mean technically, socially, and intellectually.

The riots, the demands by Black Lives Matter, and the public’s willingness to allow them to do and say what they pleased in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder by a cop are the most recent manifestations of the deterioration of our educational system.

As a 48-year old man, I find myself saying often, “I really thought they, young Americans in their 20s and 30s, could and would do better than destroy, injure, ask to defund the police, and return to the use of victimization as the basis for getting their way, without compromise without listening. What a disappointment! What a missed opportunity!

We Are No Longer In a State of Crisis