Parent Training

Parent Training

The purpose of this parent training program is to 1) compel more parents to get involved in running their neighborhood schools, and 2) train parents to run their neighborhood schools, and run them better than non-neighborhood adults ever could.

Why involve more parents?

  1. Parents are the only stakeholders not on the district Payroll. They’re the only ones who can challenge the problems in our schools without fear of loss of income.
  2. For the most part school and district personnel don’t live in the neighborhoods where they work. Neighborhood parents are the only ones whose property values drop when their neighborhood schools don’t perform.
  3. For the most part school and district personnel don’t send their most precious reason for living, their children, to the schools they work in. Neighborhood parents are the ones whose children lose when their neighborhood schools don’t perform.

What is the current level of parental involvement in LAUSD?

As a group, parents are the least involved stakeholders group in our schools. See the parent response rate on something as simple and effortless as submitting the School Experience Survey in 2019-2020 (see below).

Parent Response Rate in School Experience Survey 2019-2020
Parent Response Rate in School Experience Survey 2019-2020

See for yourself. Visit LAUSD’s School Experience Survey Dashboard.

Why have parent training to teach parents how to run their schools?

There are a few great and good schools and people out there, but there are far many more bad schools; even though they are packed with good people. Some schools are so bad that they’re terrible. Our children go to these bad schools. Don’t be fooled by the nice exterior of a school. Like with people, the same rule applies to schools – it’s what’s on the inside that matters.

Even when the inside of a school looks good, it doesn’t mean it’s a good school. You must educate yourself, and train your eye and ear to know what you’re looking at. We are all products of an antiquated and outdated school system. It is that same system in which our children are now enrolled. So even if what you see looks better than what you saw as a child, remember this. A better rotary phone still can’t compete against an iPhone.

The rotary phone had to go, to never return. The same goes for the way we presently do school. It must go!!! But, you need to know what you’re looking at. You need to get more than upset when you see the problems observe. You MUST take action to stop the problems you see and stop them from returning. For that to happen many, many, many more parents must get involved in their child’s education, and each of us has to get involved much, much, much more than we presently do.

What Do We Train?

Training Objectives

  • Clarify, beyond a reasonable doubt, what the true meaning of parents as equal partners looks like
  • Train the parents how to think and act like equal partners in their children’s education
  • Parents use that knowledge to make their presence felt at the schools and in the district
  • Teach the parents how to run a world-class learning organization, regardless of sector, field, or industry
  • Transform parents from passive accomplices in their children’s failure to school leaders with more power than any adult not from their neighborhood

Goals and Timeline

  • By December 2021, parents who preferred starting their own schools, or preferred driving to a school across town, will start asking for applications to enroll their children in their neighborhood schools
  • By January 2022, school and district administrators will be communicating with teachers and parents effectively
  • By February 2022, school and district administrators will
  • By June 2022, it will be socially unacceptable for parents to miss school events that they can come to, but often use work as an excuse not tot attend
  • By October 2023, the we will have certified at least one neighborhood school as a 21st century school community

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