Projects for 2020

Our projects for 2020 are driven by these four objectives.

  1. Make our services affordable for our clients and our clients’ clients
  2. Make our services more accessible to a broader audience of clients and non-clients.
  3. Enable broader accessibility using web-based self-service information and training resources.
  4. Spend more time in the field observing, training, and coaching clients.

These objectives were derived from our evaluation of outcomes achieved in 2019. Click here to view our 2019 Outcomes Report.

Service Improvement Projects

In 2019 we took the time to conduct lots of research. We interviewed our clients. To minimize our and our clients’ biases we also interviewed prospective clients and individuals who matched our clients’ profiles. Finally, we surveyed our clients’ customers.

Our research objective was to deepen our understanding of what our clients’ goals, needs, and challenges are. We also wanted to collect insight data that would deepen our clients’ understanding of what their clients’ goals, needs, and challenges are.

The final outcome was a list of adjustments in our clients’ service delivery strategy that, when completed, would bring them more in alignment with their clients’ needs and priorities. Our deepened understanding of our clients’ newly adjusted priorities has enabled us to adjust our service delivery and pricing strategy in ways that will raise their level of service and effectiveness.

Some of our required adjustments are significant undertakings that are better classified as service improvement projects. Please read below to learn more about our service improvement projects.

Project #1: Mobile Apps For Business Training Independent Study Curriculum Fund

Mobile Apps for Business Screenshot

The Mobile Apps For Business Training service goes far beyond providing how-to playlists on a YouTube channel.

It is a client-mentor partnership bound by our commitment to stand by our clients until they have met their professional or business development goals.

Each of our clients receives a customized training plan based on information provided by them on our class registration form and during our first meeting. The bigger our clients’ goals or the lesser our clients’ professional experience or technical skill set, the more often they will need to be trained by us.

Clients get a lot of value from this service, but those clients that need this service the most are the ones who can’t afford it.

We want to keep our services affordable.

In order to make this service more affordable and accessible to those who need it the most, we are expanding our independent study curriculum. We have started this upgrade already, and we will be adding new content for each course we offer constantly. This work will remain labor intensive and costly.

Until our upgrade objectives are at least 50% completed, tested, and approved, the program will remain expensive for most. Therefore, we must find funding to partially or fully subsidize service fees for clients who can’t afford them.

When you donate to this fund you’re helping make a valuable, but expensive training program available to anyone who demonstrates the competence and commitment to completing it – online or face-to-face, regardless of his/her current economic status.

Click here to read about’s recommended mobile apps for business.

Project #2: The Personal Development Training Care Free Scholarship Fund

Image of Three Phases of Personal Development

When you donate to this fund you will be helping talented young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods learn the habits and methods taught in expensive executive coaching programs.

The Personal Development Training Program requires frequent consultation with a personal development coach. It also requires conducting lots of research by the coach to assist clients identify careers that match their character profile.

This is a costly professional service typically affordable only to C-Suite executives looking for their next career opportunity. We want to make it accessible to prospective community leaders from socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods. We can only do that with your support. Please donate.

Project #3: Small Business Consulting

Value Stream Map

When you donate to this fund you’re providing an entrepreneur or a small business owner, serving low-income families, with a seasoned business partner dedicated to their clients’ success. We can’t provide that level of service without your support.

Click here to donate now.

Project 4: Web Content Creation and Management Fund


Our YouTube channel consists of over a 100 videos. Most are CTDDS originals, but it also borrows videos by other YouTubers. All are grouped into one or more of over 30 playlists that focus on a wide-range of topics.

Such topics include Education, Philosophy of Soccer, Mobile Applications, Entrepreneurship, Tech Education, and Personal Development.

These playlists are shared to enlighten, intrigue, and train their viewers. Their content is selected to deepen and expand our clients’ understanding and interpretation of concepts and procedures introduced in training. Creating and maintaining quality content is a necessary, but laborious endeavor. Hiring one or two new content managers, dedicated to expediting the development of relevant user-friendly content will remain a top priority until they are hired.

High Impact Client Projects

Each of our clients is involved in at least one project with the potential to do for their clients what we are doing for them – create opportunity. While our clients may be working on a number of projects, the ones with such potential are the ones we invest in. We are betting big on projects that can markedly improve the lives of many people. We call these High Impact Client Projects.

Visit the Our Clients page to learn more about our clients and their high impact projects for 2020.

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