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Public education priorities are all fouled up these days. The worst part of it all is that, unless your a public school parent, you have no clue about how fouled up they are. If you do not have a child in a public school, I invite you to ask a friend who does to show you any of the emails, text messages, or robo-calls they have on voicemail right now. No matter how far back you go, most of what you will find, from the schools or the district office, are memos about:

  • COVID-19 (and everything related to it, including distance and hybrid learning)
  • Where to get food for those on free and reduced lunch
  • Attendance, attendance, attendance

Rarely will you find memos pertaining to:

  • Tutoring and remediation opportunities
  • Academic enrichment opportunities

Never will you find memos about:

  • The tremendous strides many teachers took to integrate technology (hardware and software) into their repertoire to serve our children
  • How so many students have easily adapted to the change in instructional model,
  • How many students have found distance learning preferable to traditional schooling – for a variety of reasons
  • How attendance has improved for many students with traditionally poor attendance records
  • Anything good or positive that happens in our public schools

Why do you think this is? That is correct, because public education priorities are all fouled up.

The Last Straw

This problem of public education priorities being fouled up is not a COVID-19 outcome. It just exacerbated everything that was already wrong with public education. Public schools have joined the government, banks, network TV news, and social media in automating their communication systems notifications to tell you when you or your child has done something wrong or when there is some bad news to share.

I have become accustomed to expect nothing but negativity anytime I receive any correspondence or correspondence notifications from these organization. I have learned to accept that the only good news is no news. But schools too? That is where I must draw the line. And today’s experience was the last straw. I felt compelled to say something.

Time To Change The Narrative

I often hear pundits talk about the slow and subtle ways in which Americans are giving away their freedoms in exchange for a false sense of security. Well a similar thing is happening in our public schools. We are allowing our schools to become completely useless centers of control and incubators of child depression and hopelessness. Even the teachers have gotten on board, celebrating attendance. Seriously??? This is the most ridiculous and meaningless thing for me to celebrate with my child. Attendance is a given. Let’s talk about achievement, personal development, and developing the future leaders of this country. I could care less about attendance.

Don’t fall for it parents. Demand some intelligent communication from the schools, or it will only get worse.

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