Rose Out the Mud Clothing

Right out of the Mud

Compton native Rugzby Pitts is a lesbian female with tomboy swag. She is the creator of the Rose Out The Mud clothing (ROTM) line. The ROTM logo is a symbol of the strength that faith in God gives all people to rise above the struggles of life.

Pitts’s designs are created with the intent to make her customers feel good. ROTM’s whole purpose of is to inspire people to rise above whatever struggle they may be going through. Pitts is no stranger to struggle herself, and she has made it her goal to positively impact others. Her clothing line is just one way.

ROTM founder
Rose Out The Mud founder and designer Rugzby Pitts.

For instance, Pitts also makes a difference is as a credit repair agent. After suffering serious financial mishaps in 2019, a car accident left her in debt and without money resulting in financial loss and further debt. She resolved to get herself out of this situation and, consequently acquired an education in credit repair. Pitts wants to share her own motivation with others who are struggling and ROTM is another tool in her belt to do just that. ROTM’s logo, the rose coming out of the mud, is a symbol of what she sees all people to be.

Original designs
Original ROTM designs by Rugzby Pitts

You are the rose , and the mud is the struggle. Just like the rose rises from the mud by faithfully waiting for the sun to give it the strength it needs, similarly you too will find the strength you need to rise above your struggle when you put your faith in God.

ROTM has designs for everyone, no matter your body type or background. Click @ROTM.OFFICIAL to check out the rest of her designs. Thanks for your support!