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CTD Development Services Inc (CTDDS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that offers business development and professional development services to small business owners and individuals aspiring to become business owners.

Our mission is to reduce or eliminate the displacement of families from their communities caused by the rising cost of living in Southern California. Our first targets are the families residing in low to middle income communities within the Los Angeles South Bay. Those include the communities of Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, and Gardena.

Read our plan to learn more about how our services will help us fulfill our mission.


CTDDS offers three professional development services.

  • Small Business Consulting
  • Mobile Apps for Business Training
  • Personal Development Training

Small Business Consulting


The Small Business Consulting service is for small business owners seeking assistance in either growing their business or seeking assistance keeping up with the demands of a growing business.

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Mobile Apps for Business Training

Mobile Apps For Business

Our Mobile Apps for Business Training program is a great service for beginners in the use of mobile technology, or individuals who have limited experience using the growing body of mobile applications designed to fulfill a variety of business functions.

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Personal Development Training

Nine Step Personal Development Program

Updating your resume and telling your interviewers a little about yourself will be a piece of cake for those who complete The Personal Development Training. This program is the most comprehensive service we offer. It is recommended for individuals starting a career or looking to make a major career change.

Major life decisions, such as starting a new career, is a profound internal process. It requires taking stock of your skills, talents, and experiences. The first questions one must ask when contemplating a new career is, What am I passionate about and why? What are my talents? What is the relationship between my ‘why’ and my talents?

Finding the answers to these question and the ones that follow can be frustrating and time-consuming. Our personal develop mentors teach you techniques for conducting this kind of self-exploration and self-discovery. These structured techniques allow you dream big without becoming overwhelmed by not knowing where to start or what direction to take next.

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