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Monica in London

Welcome to the Tazz the Artista Art Gallery. Here you can view images of the paintings Tazz the Artista has donated to CTD Development Services to support our fundraising efforts. Click on any of the images below to take a closer look at these special works of art.

Visit The Gift of Arts Education page to learn more about how you can obtain one of these paintings. By doing so you will help fund the 2020 grand opening of The Gifts of Arts Education Art gallery and Art School for children.

At the end of this gallery you can read more about the artist, what makes these works so special, and why she is asking that you to donate to The Gift of Arts Education Fund.

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Every Painting You See Is A Page In The Story I am About To Share

Painting saved my wife’s life. It brought life back to her family of three young daughters and husband who in our own way had been dying along with her. While we are in a much better place now, It was a long and sad road to recovery.

Standing by her side, the family endured nearly a year of emotional duress as we watched our young mother and wife slowly deteriorate from the side effects of dialysis and stage 4 kidney disease. The toll the experience took on the entire family can only be understood by those who have observed the continuous daily deterioration of a parent or spouse, until it felt like there was no hope for the future.

Grades dropped. Work stopped mattering. Others got sick themselves. Wardrobes became sloppier and dirtier. I could say more, but you can see where this was headed. And the communication dropped down to almost zero, with each of us immersing ourselves in our work, social media, or reading just to get away from it all. It was almost like someone in the family had already died. The living room where we used to spend hours playing games and wrestling was always empty.

Up until this very day, each family member has some measure of PTSD that only reveals itself during those quiet and personal parent-child conversations that simply come up sometimes. Those always bring tears to our eyes.

It is chilling to think about how each of us was silently carrying this immense burden, dealing with the fear of losing our matriarch. The pain, the fear, and even the guilt went way deeper than I could have ever imagined. Personally, I didn’t know what I was going to do if I ever had to give my little six year old the news that mommy was no longer with us. I prayed harder than ever.

Thankfully, one day, Monica decided to start living again, and Tazz The Artista was born. It was like divine intervention.

Monica With The Family

She decided to start painting to take her mind off the constant reminders of her illness. What she discovered was that painting didn’t just distract her. It soothed her and it healed her spirit.

Since then she has not stopped painting, and she has become a pretty good, self-taught painter. Some of us believe she may have found her calling, and now wants to do something with it. And so the Tazz the Artista Art Gallery has begun to take form.

Finding Purpose in Pain

Now Tazz The Artista wants to share the gift of art with the children of her community, the Inglewood/Westchester area of Los Angeles, CA. She has always been extremely good with kids. Some of us believe that was her second calling – to work with young children. Give her the most uncomfortable or irritable child, and she will soothe him or her. In fact, toddlers gravitate to her everywhere we go. Throw art into the mix, and we have a recipe for some magic to happen.

Her goals are to establish the presence of art in her community. She wishes to create a space to teach young boys and girls how to use painting to confront and overcome adversity. She wishes to teach them at an early age so that art becomes a permanent part of their emotional first aid kit – something they’ll be able to turn to when they have to deal with difficult moments in the future. This is something she wishes someone would have taught her as a child. And so we are transforming the Tazz the Artista Art Gallery from digital form to brick and mortar.

Support the Gift of Healing Through Art – Get a Cool Gift

We have started a fund called The Gift of Arts Education Fund that will be used to gather funds to open The Gift of Arts Education Art Gallery and Art School for Children right here in the Westchester/Inglewood area. The fundraising begins now with the offer of one of Tazz the Artista’s paintings as a gift for our most generous donors.

Click here to learn more about how you can obtain one of the paintings from the Tazz the Artista’s Art Gallery. See below where I just posted images of additional paintings she started a while back, but is only now finishing.

Tazz the Artista’s Newest Work

Tazz the Artista has not stopped painting. Her newest work is more striking and dynamic than ever. See it on display at the TTA Art Gallery – The Comeback Journey web page.

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