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This blog is for everyone. The topics selected are written for any reader to learn something new and profound. They are meant to challenge outdated forms of thinking and they aim to challenge people to take action to do something about the goals they have set for themselves or the things they are dissatisfied with. Whether we talk about business, soccer, training, entrepreneurship, our aim is to educate. We believe that knowledge is power. Because we’re educators at heart,we have a special place in our hearts for schools that teach young minds, especially the public schools. We have a special place in our hearts for the millions of children who attend public schools. They are innocent and look to the adults in these schools to prepare them for a prosperous adulthood. We rely on their parents to reinforce the value of education. We know that many schools lack the resources, and even more have staff  who lack the will to make their schools better. Only the parents have the power to make the schools in their communities better. That is why we write each article in our blog with them in mind. As former educators and education consultants, we know what parents don’t see and don’t know about the public education system. They must see what happens, they must understand why it matters, and they must take action to make their schools better  – better for their children and better for their neighbors’ children. It is the only way society will move to a better place than it is today. That is why the next series of articles will focus strictly on parents that send their children to public schools. The crises our country is going through are rooted in our education. We have left the quality of our public education system deteriorate to a point of insanity. Now we must fix it, and the fixing must be done by the parents. Our children are the ones in there now, and their future rests on our ability to fix their schools – quickly. We hope that you enjoy and learn from the literature we offer. We want you to take action, and help us change the world for the better. For our kids. #noneoftheabove, #bringingoogletodahood, #bringingdahoodtogoogle