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We are proud of all of our posts, and are confident that you will enjoy all of them. We especially encourage you to read the Wisdom Hour series, as it showcases some of the ways we’re mixing live streaming and analysis of motivational video to engage young participants and challenge them to ponder their purpose in life. We are also very proud of the Time to Take a Hard Look in the Mirror article. It challenges all who have ever made workplace diversity a topic of discussion to take a hard look at the progress (or lack thereof) that has been made to diversify Corporate America.

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Should You Be Qualified For A Tech Job?

So what do you think? Should you be qualified for a tech job at a place like Google? The truth is that it no longer matters what you think or what excuse you make. If you want to keep earning in today’s economy, you better catapult your skills into the 21st century real fast. Before you conclude your skills are in tune with the technical demands of 21st century jobs, do a little research. Read More…


Parental Involvement In Schools

To all my friends with their kids still attending school. Don’t let your child be another statistic. Parental Involvement In Schools is needed as much as it ever has, maybe even more. Beef up your school IQ and then teach your child to fight his/her own battles. What I am sharing with you in this post is wisdom for public school parents that I cultivated over a span of 30 years – teaching kidsRead More…

Stop Running Away

Dear Parents of Children in Public Schools, I share this letter I wrote to myself hoping you join me on my journey to stop running away. I am writing this letter to myself as a reminder that I have helped perpetuate the barriers that now sit in front of my own children’s optimal academic success. I make this letter public for all to see what I do from this point forward, and hold me accountable Read More…