The Go-Getter


Alex, The Go-getter, is an amazing young man who serves as an ambassador of good attitude and positivity. I met Alex through another CTDDS client, Humberto Villegas. Like Alex, Humberto is a member of the soccer community and a CTDDS client. Learn more about Humberto by clicking here.

Alex is an elite athlete and a UCLA scholar.

The Go-Getter is an intellectual and a philosopher. He motivates and inspires, and he is always looking for the next opportunity to put his talents and skills to good use. He delights in connecting with others, wherever he may be. He enjoys bringing together those he knows and cares about as soon as he sees the opportunity to do so. He likes bringing good and positive people together with other good and positive people.

Watch and listen to Alex discuss family, philosophy, and spirituality in the Alex Knox Interview playlist of the CTD Development Services Inc YouTube channel.

Alex has a relentless energy driven by a conviction to fulfill his purpose to give hope to those who have lost it, and to help those who have lost their purpose find it once again.

Like with Humberto, I feel validation of CTDDS’s mission when a well-decorated individual with a very bright future ahead of him and with many people competing for his attention, chooses to give his time and attention to the success and growth of our organization. I am honored that in the midst of working with scouts, agents, and trainers from the international professional soccer community, he has woven our little organization with an ambitious vision into his very busy schedule.

What is Alex Working on at CTDDS?

Public Relations

Alex wants to help get the word out of what CTDDS is doing and aiming to accomplish. Since coming on board, he has been the biggest promoter of the CTDDS mission and vision, and he continues to connect our organization with individuals and organizations that could come into mutually beneficial partnerships with CTDDS.

Curriculum Development and Pilot Testing

Alex is co-authoring and piloting a youth development program for CTDDS named The Wisdom Hour. This an exemplary program aimed to help teens struggling to deal with failure, adversity, or some recent tragedy. The best way to define it is as a one-week multi-media crash course in personal development.

The program requires further testing, and will need a curriculum to be built around it, but the concept, and the execution without a curriculum was brilliant. Check it out for yourself. I find Day 2 is where it really gets interesting.

Alex is also participating in the pilot testing of CTDDS’s Career and Personal Development Program. This program centers around the Nine-Step Personal Development Process. It involves personal planning, self-analysis, training, course enrollment, financial support, or simple encouragement. Alex is going through the exercises to help gather pre and post data and to offer his insights on the effectiveness of various exercises.


We plan for Alex to play a central role in promoting CTDDS’s first fundraising event coming in December for Giving Tuesday. He has committed to leveraging his contacts and influences to optimize the donations CTDDS and its affiliates will receive during this and future campaigns. Part of the contributions collected will be used to deliver the 2nd edition of the Wisdom Hour project at schools in the Inglewood Unified School District.


As a teenager he put together a series of Youtube videos named Quantum Breakthrough, where he shared his wisdom with schoolmates needing help to overcome the burden one can carry from past failures. He then began developing a mobile app for Quantum Breakthrough that would connect his schoolmates and other youth with a similar need with organizations and individuals experienced at overcoming failure and capable at showing others how it’s done.

In all senses of the phrase, Alexander Knox is the go getter. He left home at the age of 13 to pursue a lifelong dream to become a professional soccer player, in Europe. After completing high school in England and playing on several youth teams affiliated to clubs in the England’s Premier League, he returned with his family, despite being on the cusp of entering the big leagues. Alexander quickly realized that his legacy in life can transcend past the boundaries of the out of bounds lines. His captivating positive energy and passion has led to his influence on collective communities, and on individuals.

From the book he is writing, to the films he creates, to the inspirational walls he cultivates, Alexander Knox is the passionate optimist.