The Plan

We say, “If you want to go to the moon, then the plan must be to shoot for the stars. If you plan for a trip to the stars, it’ll make your trip to the moon feel like a breeze.” The key phrase here is the plan. We know that if you have a good plan, and you follow it, you’ll exceed your expectations with less effort than you ever imagined. See what our plan is below.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce or eliminate the displacement of families from their communities that is caused by the rising cost of living in Southern California.

From the Wood to the Hood
This image shows what happened to a family close to us that was displaced by airport expansion. She went from The Wood to the Hood.

Our Vision

We envision low to middle income neighborhoods transformed into communities of hope and opportunity. We envision these neighborhoods being transformed by the same people who live there today. As the image below shows we envision neighborhoods with changed landscapes, but not with changed residents.

The Plan – On Video

Watch the video below to see CTDDS’s president, Carlos Lemus, lay out the organization’s long-term plan.

Who are we working with?

We’ve started simple and smart, and we’re going to keep it that way. We believe the fastest path to fulfilling our vision is to develop and support the movers and shakers already living or doing business in our target communities. They have access to the families we seek to help, and have influence within the community.

We are working with small business owners and entrepreneurs involved in public education and in the soccer business. Through soccer, they work in or with schools in the LA South Bay, or they run soccer clubs and leagues there. Schools and soccer leagues both have a high level of access to families in our target demographic.

The image below showcases four clients of CTDDS’s Business Consulting Services conducting a personal development workshop with a group of South Bay middle school students in November of 2019. Watch the video to learn more about the strategy we are implementing to keep these youngsters engaged.

Next Steps

The Kids Will Require the Parents to Commit

Then, we will open the parents’ eyes wide to how they are enabling they’re own displacement. Watch the video below to learn about how they enable the injustice and hurt themselves monetarily.

Our public schools cannot continue allowing working class families drive as many as 40 miles a day just to drop off and pick up their kids from a safe school far away from home.

Then We’re Going to Train the Parents to Make More Money

The Long-Term Theoretical Details of Transformation

Current State: The present state of affairs for many of the neighborhoods where our clients live.

Future State: A vision of the state of affairs for the neighborhoods where our clients live – better than the current state, notably distinct from the current state, clearly defined and socialized by the neighbors themselves.

Image of Current State Future State in The Hood

Programmatic Components

Short-term Project: Aim Small. Miss Small.

Since late April 2019 we’ve been planning, developing and concurrently testing the first editions of several programs aimed to fulfill a variety of purposes. Those with an asterisk(*) next to them are programs we are already implementing. Those include the:

Visit our Services page, our Blog, and the CTD Development Services Inc YouTube Channel to learn more about these very promising programs.

Long Term Project: Change the Mindset of a Community

Google will be the first to tell you that every success story of hiring and retaining a Black or Latino employee is hard fought. That’s because the construction of barriers to hiring sufficient Black and Latino young adults to observe significant growth in workforce representation start at childhood. Those barriers are physical, social, psychological, economic, and then some. The most prevalent outcome from the construction of all these barriers is the self-perception of belonging in the higher ranks of corporations like Google.

The CTDDS Team doesn’t care what life has defined for our clients. We know that every person has unbound potential ready to explode and be transformed into efficient learning and productivity, and we’re ready activate that transformation one individual at a time. And those individuals can be found at home, at school, at the park, and at work.

Below are the four components of our Neighborhood Transformation project. The scope is broad, because focusing only on the prospective applicants without acknowledging the influence of family, peers, and teachers would be foolish. The paradigm shift must happen collectively. These are the institutions we are or will work with to facilitate shift in mindset for the youth from underrepresented minority groups.

4 Pillars of GKGCP
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The Plan’s Timeline

GKGCP Timeline
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