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The Team

The individuals on The Team are leaders by nature. We serve others by choice. It is our vocation to empower the youth and the families of our communities. You’re really going to enjoy their stories.

How The Team Affects You EveryDay

The Team makes the world we live in better – safer, healthier, friendlier, and more productive. Without them doing what they do, this hard and sometimes cruel world would be worse off than it is today. For that reason alone I advocate for them.

Turning Point Image
LASBFC U23 Team at In and Out Burger

Why The Team Needs Our Support

Adults who choose to be a mentor, an instructor, or a coach for young people, and are effective, are as important as good teachers. Like good and effective teachers, we are in desperate and short supply of good and effective mentors and coaches.

To do the work The Team does effectively, one must do this work full-time. However, it is rare to find coaches/mentors that can actually make a living doing just that full-time. Even those that figure out how to squeak by, only squeak by, because they get paid very little.

Coach Mario Training Youth
Coach Mario Training Youth

Why do our mentors and coaches get paid so little?

They get paid little because as a society, we have collectively made the choice to pay coaches and mentors even less than we pay teachers. Therefore, few are able to pursue such a career. It makes no sense! Think about it. We entrust coaches and mentors with our children, but pay them like volunteers. How did we ever become so selfish and greedy. Never forget that, in the end, we will always get what we pay for.

Invest In What Makes Sense – Coaches, Mentors, and Teachers

Here’s the bottom line. When society fails to properly invest in the everyday heroes – coaches, mentors, trainers, etc…, we are failing to properly invest in our children. Let’s invest in them – a lot. So let’s invest in what makes sense. Do it, and watch the world become a better place – without any new policies, without any additional money required. We just need to spend our money on the right things and the right people.

  • Four of Our Coaches Visiting a School
  • Parent Meeting
  • Volunteer Meeting Image
  • Coach Mario With His U23 Team
  • Coach Mario With His Morningside HS Team
  • Coach Maria Treves Overseeing A Soccer Scrimmage
  • Coach Laurence and Coach Brigette at a Parent Event

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Start Investing in a Better Future. Invest in The Team

The work this team does is good. It’s effective and it is the right thing to do. The work is also massive and never ending, and IT IS A BATTLE.

It is a battle to persuade players and their parents that there is a reward for training as hard as one can at every practice, even when they know they are not starting at the next game. It is a risk to encourage parents to be better role models for their kids – when they weren’t asking for your opinion. It is an even bigger battle to ask parents to continue their education and persist that they do, until they do, but that’s what we do.

We do it, because we believe with all our hearts that hard work, sacrifice, peer accountability, and commitment to lifelong learning are values that need to be modeled by the parents, not just teachers and mentors, in order for us to fulfill our mission. Getting the communities we serve to embrace these values is a primary objective for the team, if they are going to be effective.

Because they have the courage, and we don’t, to accept to lead their communities on this journey of transformation I now ask you to give your support.

Parent Meeting at Coleman Stadium in Inglewood, CA. Communities like these are where we come from. Families like these are our neighbors, and they are who we serve.

You can get to know our clients, our Team’s and Team Members’ stories by clicking on any of the sub-links below the The Team tab on your menu. Get to know us and let’s connect. In fact, lets work together.