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Time to Take a Hard Look in the Mirror

On Education

This article asks Latinx Generations Xers and the Boomers to make the time to take a hard look in the mirror. Like myself, I know that many of you are part of the first generation in your family to go to college. And, because of our experiences and observations, many of us went into education. We became teachers, principals, counselors, and school district administrators. And so what???

The Current State of Latinx Educational Attainment

Latinxers now make up 18.9% of all students enrolled on college campuses at around 3.2 million out of 16.9 million as of 2016. That’s nice. Latinxers make up 18% of total population in the US as of 2016. So as far as equal representation on college campuses is concerned – mission accomplished. If that’s what you went into education for, thank you, but now what?

What did we expect to happen once they got in, took on some debt, and got hit with overwhelming culture shock, homesickness, rigor at a level never seen before, and the inability to manage a personal budget? The Google Diversity Report forces us to take a hard look in the mirror, and ask ourselves,”Was that it? All that trouble preaching college and the rewards of acquiring a 4-year post-secondary education, and for what? Is the struggle to close the achievement gap over?

Get the Whole Story

Want to see the data that explains why we have a Latinx diversity gap at Google and other tech companies? Watch the A Comprehensive Overview of CTD Development Services Inc playlist on our YouTube Channel.

Are Latinxer College Grads Getting The Jobs?

Although Latinx representation on college campuses exceeds the rate of Latinx representation in the overall US population, Latinx representation in tech positions at places like Google are very low. Why? Watch the video below to see what the extent of the diversity gap is at Google. I don’t think you’ll be surprised. The question is, do you want to do something about it. I guess it’s time to take a hard look in the mirror.

What does the data say about the state of diversity at Google versus the overall US Population?

Planning for Action To Help Tech Companies Diversify the Tech Division of Their Workforce

CTD Development Services Inc was created to help tech companies diversify the tech divisions of their workforce, and then some. See our Plan for meeting this objective. Meet the Team that is working at the grass roots level to implement the plan. Right now, we’re engaging the community. We’re seeking the support of those who have been there from the beginning, and those who have benefited from the risks and sacrifices taken by those who came before us so that Latinx high school graduates had a chance to attend a university.

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