TTA Art Gallery – The Comeback Journey

This page is part art gallery and part story of the comeback being made by Tazz the Artista (TTA). We call it the TTA Art Gallery – The Comeback Journey.

Much has transpired since we last reported on TTA’s journey. For starters, she has added more art to her donated collection. This is art that post-dates her recovery from near death. Please see below.

TTA’s Art on Full Display

On Saturday, March 28, 2020 TTA’s art goes on full display at the TTA Art Gallery – The Comeback Journey Art Show. Over 50 paintings by Tazz the Artista will be on display for invited guests and the community to come and enjoy.

To view more of TTA’s art visit the Tazz the Artista Art Gallery page.

TTA’s Comeback Journey Shared by the Artist Herself

This is a fundraising event for the Gift of Arts Education fund. The money donated to this fund will go to the opening of The Gift of Arts Education Art Gallery and School of Art for Children. Visit the Gift of Arts Education web page, and learn more.

Hear TTA’s heartfelt story straight from the artist herself. Learn about her road to recovery, and how she has chosen to live in defiance of the destiny she refuses to accept. As she courageously stated, “I will die from Kidney Disease, but I ain’t dying from dialysis!!!”

Hear TTA share her journey as she talks about how picking up painting saved her from a life of medical misery. Curious to read about it. Visit the Tazz the Artista Story web page.

It Won’t Just Be About TTA

Tazz the Artista has a growing list of artists from her community interested in sharing their art. More details will be provided at our upcoming event page. Please check back and stay tuned.