Wisdom Hours — Days 4 & 5

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Wisdom Hours is a mentorship and personal development program directed by Alexander Knox. This video showcases what we did in Wisdom Hours — Days 4 & 5.

Day 4

All the guys worked independently on their projects during this day. I gave them an objective. Simple. Create something to inspire others, while integrating new found elements of personal breakthrough and growth gained from this week . I wanted them to come up with anything of their choosing (an idea, a thought, an action, a device). I met with each of them individually for 10 minutes to do a quick peer review, to reinforce direction. Day 5, the conclusion of the mentorship week, they will get the opportunity to present their passion projects, rooted and inspired by their personal growth from this week.

Day 5 

Personal Development Project Presentation


Aidan’s Personal Development Concluding Project

Aidan’s Project is available to download below:


Sebastian’s Personal Development Concluding Project

Sebastian’s Project is available to download below:


Manny was unable to present due to the fact he failed to put in the extra work. Nonetheless I allowed him to share his best idea. To my surprise, he got very passionate, very quickly. He told us how he wants to provide kids all around the world with soccer balls. With all of his emotion, energy and spirit he explained to us with conviction the power of a soccer ball. He said it embodies so much opportunity and good. He said the world needs more soccer balls. I showed him a great friend of mine’s non for profit, titled “Ball For Life”. Check out this video.

Alexander introducing Manny to a non for profit organization that shares the same vision as him

For more information about Ball For Life :



Vincent’s Personal Development Concluding Project


Jason had an incredible idea the day of peer review. Unfortunately he switched things up too much, and on the day of presentation he failed to create anything with any sense of specificity. He failed to include the inclusion of personal development lessons learned from the week, despite his heavy participation and engagement throughout the week. I urged him to go back to the drawing board once again and dig deep to create something that would encompass the things we learned throughout the week. Jason eventually submitted his project:

Closing Remarks:

It was a distinct honor and pleasure to be a part of these young men’s personal development. I only hope they take what we’ve learned together this week, and continue to build not only positive opportunities for themselves, but for their families, friends and communities.

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