Wisdom Hours — Day 3

About Soccer Career Development

A mentorship and personal development program directed by: Alexander Knox

Day 3

Guest Speaker Day 

Transitioning From The Abstract To Reality

The Warm Up—

After two days of warming the boys up to the Quantum Breakthrough theory, I felt it was an appropriate time to get their benchmarks and expirations they’d set for themselves, given their new headspace. As a warm up exercise, I asked each of the boys: “What do you want to get out of this week of mentorship in personal development?”

Their responses:

Aidan: “I want to get to know myself better. I want to get more familiar with my why, because I know it will uncover purpose and fulfillment for me”

Manny: “I want to find myself, find the little things that give me fulfillment. I want to know my why”

Jason: “I want to find my why. I also want to master the action of swimming to the yes, when a superior or challenge tells me no”

Vincent: “I want to gain a better understanding of myself, where am I now, where do I want to go”

These responses indicated to me that they were in the right headspace, and that the material I’ve been exposing them to thus far in the week is priming their preparation for growth and personal development. 

It was a perfect day for me to bring two amazing guest. 

On this day, I invited two very close friends of mine to not only take part in the conversation of personal development, but be an integral part in bringing different perspectives to these boys, to then see how they react and what if anything they can gain. This was day 3 of a 5 day mentorship and personal development program, I wanted to really push them on this day, and I absolutely did. 

Who are the guests?

Erik Holt— UCLA Alumni and current professional soccer player for Real Salt Lake in Major League Soccer. My roommate from high school and college. 

Why Erik?

I brought Erik on because Erik is constantly holding himself to a higher standard than everyone else. He is never content with settling for mediocrity, matter of fact he hates it. He push his limits in all facets of his life. I knew he would bring wisdom to the boys, and I knew that the boys would have an easy time receiving his knowledge and perspective, because he like them, is a soccer player, and if he has too can speak in sport terminology in order to get across a lesson that they might not understand. Again as I said in the beginning, up into this point each of these boys made source of wisdom has come through the game of soccer. That is their common denominator and language. 

Shawn Johnson— Notre Dame Graduate. Business background. Entrepreneur. My greatest mentor. Above everything, my auntie. 

Why Shawn?

I brought Shawn on because of the opposite reason I brought Erik on. I wanted Shawn to be the first person to deliver outside sport perspective and wisdom to the boys. I believe Shawn has an amazing ability to communicate to others based upon her innate feeling of others energy. So I knew that she’d cater to the boys understanding, if they wouldn’t understand something that she’d try to explain herself to the best of her ability.

Erik Holt — Guest Speaker #1

My association to Erik Holt
My association to Shawn Johnson
The importance of bringing Shawn Johnson on as a guest
Spontaneity as it pertains to focusing on the present
What has Erik Holt done? What is his background?
For Erik Holt, “Mentality is everything”
Erik Holt explains how he reacted to becoming a pro
How professional players carry themselves, the good and the bad
“The shrewdness of business, especially in professional sport”
Affirmations & Superiors
“Your actions will always dictate your outcomes and results”
How to bring your best to everything you do
Winning Mentality

This was a central question the young men couldn’t stop wrestling with throughout the week. The debate on whether or not you can control your fate, and if so, how? And if not, what can you control. Here is both of our guest’s opinion as the boys listen, interact and develop.

Controlling the controllable

“I believe you can control only the things that you can control” – Erik Holt

“I believe you can control your destiny” – Shawn Johnson

Another theme that we kept returning to throughout the week was “Gutter Mentality”. Here are our guests opinions on the subject. Two different perspectives on “Gutter Mentality”. Both unique in their own way.

“Gutter Mentality” from Erik Holt’s perspective
“Gutter Mentality” from Shawn Johnson’s perspective

Shawn Johnson goes a step further, to add her opinion on how Gutter Mentality can be changed.

Shawn Johnson gives advice on how she would change “Gutter Mentality”
Erik Holt shares his high school experience with high schoolers
What changed for Erik Holt when he turned pro.
“What is an affirmation to acknowledge you are on the right path?”

Both guests are put to the test as they are asked about their biggest failure in life. Their responses are vulnerable and powerful. The young men grew so much to hear their answers.

Aidan puts Erik Holt through Quantum Breakthrough theory
Aidan puts Shawn Johnson through Quantum Breakthrough theory
“Professional Centerback to High School Centerback, how to become a better captain and leader”
“What else is there to look forward to after achieving your dreams?”
“Becoming a professional before you become a professional”
“Breaking down and building up vs. Detrimental break down”

The following videos detail the young men’s experience of exposure to wisdom outside of sport from someone outside sport. A big difference from the conversations with Erik Holt. These conversations tap deeper into each of the boys value system.

“Adversity is a necessity”
“Move faster than the adversity that is pressing on you”
“Adversity is here to stay, but it will not last forever”
“The importance of Breakdown to Breakthrough”
“The path to the top is not linear”
“The importance behind the opportunity to get an education through sport”
“I used to throw away all my books, now I keep them, because I see the value in them”
“Maneuvering ‘they’, wait, ‘they’ do not exist, only my goal does”
“The role of sense of humor as it pertain to strengthening the muscle of focus”
“Affirmations vs. Your Personal Power Statement”

Viewer Discretion is Advised– Contains Explicit Language

“Your Mantra vs. Your Personal Power Statement”

Aidan brings an example from his life where he realized his way of communicating didn’t line up with the perspective of who he was talking to.

“The delivery of the message is just as important, if not more important, than the message itself”
“Effective Communication is Everything”

What happens when there is not effective communication? Listen below.

“Treat others how you would want to be treated”

The young men become more engaged on the topic of communication. Slowly but surely the wisdom from life outside of the game begins to permeate their thoughts. This is contrary to their main source of acquiring wisdom through sport, see below.

“How to be demanding without being offensive”
“How to respond to a negative response from someone else”
“Effectively responsibility is the ability to respond effectively”
“What affirmations can we look for?”
“Are you practicing enough?”
Powerful Emotional concluding remarks, “If you are really a coach, you coach yourself at the same time”

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